Jesse Lingard goals scored in Manchester United shirt color

Recently, Newcastle made their fans feel very shocked when planning to recruit midfielder was disgraced at Manchester United, Jesse Lingard. The "Injecting Choe" star asked for British place on time this team are keen to "makeover" in summer of this year.

The rich buy Newcastle shocking asked Lingard, MU ecstatic escape
Lingard suddenly Newcastle contact (Image Source: Internet)

Lingard suddenly Newcastle contact

Procurement plan predicted a "crisis" of Newcastle unexpectedly named "local debt" of MU, Lingard. That raises concerns about deviations in the transfer of Newcastle. However, this team also has one of their own because if the deal is successful, they have attracted many people interested, and also reinforces the versatility in midfield team.

Lingard performer of this season is pretty bad. He does not have any goals or tectonic phase in 20 appearances in the Premier League. Therefore, capital Lingard's "thorn" in the eyes of Manchester United fans, and is also behind schedule players next season by coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær.

According to The Athletic, Lingard totally inconsistent with Newcastle and obviously, this is an extremely difficult business to a team from being considered "giants" of the new origin of the fog. The arrival of the Arabs boss help "magpie-robin" nice selection of top target but Lingard not deserve the name.

The rich buy Newcastle shocking asked Lingard, MU ecstatic escape
Lingard was severely disappointed at MU (Image Source: Internet)

Lingard was severely disappointed at MU

Lingard's contract with "Reds" only remaining one year but the star's future at Old Trafford 28 years almost terminated when MU is planning to liquidate many stars do not contribute much to the team. Besides Lingard, other names such as Jones, Smalling, Sanchez, Perreira expected MU was also offered.

According to this newspaper, the acquisition will make the boss Newcastle United Arab abandon dreams MU acquirer. In the past, MU once the rich man asks bought for $ 4 billion pounds but was unsuccessful. Owning two teams in the same league as violating the charter of the FA and therefore, the Arab investment fund has the opportunity to reach all giants Manchester United after the acquisition of Newcastle.

Jobs promised to pour about 300 million pounds in the summer shopping makes Newcastle became "frantic" than in their suggestions. However, they need to be awake and evaluated more carefully about the names being added to the range.