Story of Mauro Icardi at PSG seems to have ended. The grin when landing magnificent Paris is now only the frustrations. Argentine striker has now become "surplus" in the home side yard Park princes and to reserve for Cavani, who was about to break up the team.

She is also a representative wife, Wanda Nara confirmed Icardi will not stay PSG (Image Source: Internet)

She is also a representative wife, Wanda Nara confirmed Icardi will not stay PSG

According to sources from France, Icardi unpopular both teammates and the coaching staff. L'Equipe said the striker born in 1993 are isolated at PSG when the duo Mbappe - Neymar "override". Despite coming off the matter shall Icardi are rarely give the ball to his teammate.

Meanwhile, Icardi and coach Thomas Tuchel vexed and consequently the frequency is fully stone of the striker 90 minutes descending by time. Recently, she was also the wife Wanda Nara Mauro Icardi's agent has claimed her husband will not agree to join PSG after the end of the loan period.

However, the managing team Inter Milan nor indifferent to the "rebels". Vice president Zanetti has bluntly stated that "I do not think so" when asked about the possibility of the team Icardi stay after returning from PSG. A year earlier, the striker, who made life miserable when Inter contract extension.

Icardi only 2-year contract with Inter Giuseppe Meazza so the hosts will choose to sell the player to recover capital. So the team will have the ability to recruit the Argentine striker?

Icardi whether recruited MU? (Image Source: Internet)

Icardi whether recruited MU?

Juventus is the team mentioned most. However, the Turin club will have to resolve the salary issue before if you want to recruit Icardi. Juventus had to sell shares to balance revenue to avoid financial equitable. In addition, the impact of translation Covid-19 is not small board makes this team very carefully considered in the next transfer window.

Does MU welcomes Argentine striker? This capability can totally happen by the "Reds" still lacks a true striker. Ability of Icardi goalscorer is no need to table (20 goals / 31 games this season) and the mischief of this player will fit the play of Bruno Fernandes.

Recently, MU has been screaming at 200 million pounds for the case of Harry Kane. Icardi's prices (around 60-75 million pounds) is not a whole. In addition, Inter also easy to sit at the negotiating table rather than Tottenham.