British newspapers DailyMail recently unveiled an information causing frustration for many fans MU, when said MU suggested Sancho wages even lower than what players are getting in Dortmund, in an ambition to bring British star of Old Trafford.

The real reason to buy shortness MU Sancho,
Ed Woodward said that the total cost of the service too high Sancho (Image Source: Internet)

Ed Woodward said that the total cost of the service too high Sancho

Sancho is the target in the summer of MU. At one point seemed "Reds" have completed this deal, but twist the transfer fee (Dortmund requirement is 108 million pounds) that Sancho could not dock MU, at least in summer .

According to information from The Athletic package initial costs that Manchester United are expected to pay out for Sancho - transfer fee (as requested Prime Dortmund), wages in the entire contract and "commission" for representatives - up to 227 million pounds (250 million euros). And vice chairman Ed Woodward said that this is too big fee.

The source said, in the first negotiations, MU Sancho proposal for lower wage remuneration package which players are getting in Dortmund and rejected. In subsequent negotiations in early August, "Red Devils" only meet requirements from Dortmund, accompanied by the terms "variable cost" depends on the performances of Sancho. This time, they continue to suffer the rejection Sancho.

Sancho insisted side if to Manchester United, the player must receive salaries equivalent to Paul Pogba, ie falling into approximately 250,000 pounds / week. In the second week of September, MU has tried to raise the salaries offered up again, but then a problem with the transfer fee from Dortmund, the terms are not really satisfying.

Reportedly, the price of 108 million pounds that Dortmund offer is the "minimum" that they want to Sancho, while prices ideal for the fall of almost 133 million pounds (147 million euros), charges that Barca spent to recruit Ousmane Dembele in 2017.

In the last week of September, chief scouts were sent Matt Judge to Dortmund proposal is almost final Sancho, at only £ 80 extra charge. Can see this level has far what minimum Dortmund want to receive. Dortmund side quickly rejected, and that the MU "not taken seriously" their requirements.

Earlier, the German media thought that Dortmund will likely sell Sancho for MU as the financial impact, the first time since 2010, Dortmund losses. After-tax loss of up to $ 51 million, in Dortmund, in the financial statements 2019/20 season.