Premier League went more than a third of the season of the season. Currently, the teams are entering the tourmalet with dense schedule. This is also the stage that plays the most important role to find bright candidates for the championship.

The Premier League chart is suffocating, MU has the opportunity to go to the throne only 2 teams
Liverpool is a number candidate for the English Premier Championship (Photo source: Internet)

Liverpool is the number candidate for the English Premier Championship

At this point, Liverpool is clearly the brightest candidate for the Premier League championship this season. According to the house in the UK, the bet ratio for Liverpool is 11/10 (placed 10 eating 11). Currently, the army of Klopp coach is still leading the rankings with 32 points.

Man City is Liverpool's largest counterweight on the road to protect the Premier League championship this season. The army of Coach Pep Guardiola was gradually returning to the beginning of the Chess. The Etihad hosts are having an unbeaten chain of 6 consecutive matches. The championship rate for Man City is 7/4 (set 4 eating 7).

MU is thriving strongly in the past time, to rise to become a third candidate. "Reds" are having a very high form with a sequence of 8 consecutive matches. Their nearest failure was nearly 2 months ago. Currently, the army of coach Solskjaer is inferior to the team leads 5 points but plays less than 1 match. The championship rate for the Old Trafford team is 9/1 (placing 1 eat 9).

Tottenham ranked fourth with the championship rate of January 18 (Placing 1 Eat 18). Mourinho's army ever had the time to lead the Premier League rankings in many consecutive rounds. However, only 2 points in the last 4 points made the team into North London to fall to the 7th treatment.

Rating in the next position Chelsea (January 25), Everton (50/1) and Aston Villa (80/1). The not good form in recent times made Chelsea be rated lower than the other grandfather. Meanwhile, the championship rate for Arsenal is 500/1. With the current 15th place, the more realistic goal for "Gunners" is probably relegated.

British Premier League Football Chart 2020/2021