The results of the League of League of League 1/8 of the 1/8 round brought a very remarkable matches, which had the participation of La Liga representatives. Barcelona and PSG will once again meet in this round after the classic Barca 3 years ago, but now Neymar and Lionel Messi have no longer lengthen the glands that will be the opponent of each other.

Messi and Barca will have to confront Neymar - Mbappe

Just before the drawing ceremony took place, the French press reported that Neymar did not suffer from the fisheye after a serious injury that happened, so he could only have to quit about 3 to 6 weeks, or much of 8 weeks.

So he will afford to return to the match against Barca, and PSG needs it because Neymar's performance in the C1 Cup is still stable, while Kylian Mbappe only broke the chain of 1 year in the last round match board.

As for Barca, they could breathe because at least they won't soon meet the relevant Bayern championship team. However, PSG will be a formidable challenge in a different way than in 2017. PSG is not only a runner-up of the tournament but also Neymar and Mbappe, in addition they know the weakness of Barca's defense this season and Can play quick counterattack to exploit the speed of the strikers.

Meanwhile, the second "death" match in this round this season is Chelsea and Atletico. Leaves once again showed that Chelsea seemed to be being "hunted" when years ago arrested strong opponents in the first round of 1/8 (2 times PSG, Barca, Bayern and now Atletico). But in the opponents this season Chelsea may encounter, Atletico Madrid can say the most "engraved" team, consider how to play.

The pair
Luis Suarez will soon reunite Chelsea (Photo source: Internet)

Luis Suarez will soon reunite Chelsea

Atletico this season has played more with the good performance of Luis Suarez, Joao Felix and Marcos Llorente, but they are still a team led by Diego Simeone and thus promote defensive strength. This will be difficult for Chelsea strikers, especially Timo Werner, he works well in open space but Atletico will not let the German striker have the opportunity.

Another factor needs to be added to Chelsea even though this season is racing the championship, but they are still a relatively young and young army in the Champions League. They lost bayern in the previous season and though Atletico was not scary by the German champion, the psychological problem would still be a problem that Coach Frank Lampard had to take mind.

In the remaining matches, Man City continued the chain of luck to meet the whole opponent under 1/8 when Monchengladbach was rated quite weak in team teams 2, while Porto & Lazio was not really strong enough to make it Juventus & Bayern Munich must worry. Sevilla and Dortmund are quite balanced while Leipzig and Atalanta can cause certain difficulties for Liverpool & Real Madrid.