European football has begun active again with the series Qualifier match Champions League and Europa League. This morning (18/9), one of Italian football giants AC Milan are screened for troops with visit of Shamrock Rovers of Ireland.

Ibrahimovic continued to shine in the AC Milan shirt color (Image Source: Internet)

Ibrahimovic continued to shine in the AC Milan shirt color

Stefano Pioli's men had coach boot screen was impressed by that, one would expect the Rossoneri will also debut voyeuristic. However, new teams Shamrock Rovers dangerous chances before but Donnarumma has clearance ecstasy.

AC Milan still to shine superstar Zlatan Ibrahimovic's. Sweden striker has shot off the crossbar and the ball goes into the near corner that would make the home team's goalkeeper could not reflective. Point opening goal helped AC Milan played much better.

However, representatives came from Italy and had to wait until the 67th minute new goals for increasing the gap. The makers of the Halkan Calhonoglu with a shot from outside the box placed heart is also very level. Isolated two goals was enough to secure victory for AC Milan.

Jack Greene, son of Aaron Greene excitement after receiving a gift from Ibrahimovic

Pass the qualifying round Monday, "Rossoneri" will confront a "tiny" is another Norwegian club Gimt. The match is expected to take place on 24/9 and this time Milan play at home to the San Siro.

Back to Ibrahimovic, the Swedish striker still show completely original value even after 39 years. Ibra's main coach Ralf Rangnick cause abandon despite AC Milan have reached an agreement since January. It is true that Ibrahimovic was "old" and slow a lot but when the team needs, the striker remains the fulcrum for the whole team.

After the match ended, Aaron Greene - Shamrock Rovers player jerseys Ibrahimovic has asked for his son Jack. The boy was so excited with the special gift coming from the world famous striker.