Two goals from Ronaldo in the box Sweden

Cristiano Ronaldo back for Portugal Tel DT against Sweden in the UEFA Nations League and before the fans was waiting for the moment he hits the 100 mark for the national team goal. Ronaldo not only met but also scored 2 goals, and discuss his 100th as a kick "cannons".

The more dangerous the older Ronaldo: After age 30,
Ronaldo turned 30 since the frequency reaches scored for Portugal Tel even higher than in young (Image Source: Internet)

Ronaldo turned 30 since the frequency reaches scored for Portugal Tel even higher than in young

Ronaldo became the first European players reached level 100 goals in international matches in football history, and he only Ali Daei of Iran lags 9 table again to balance the record. But not only has the number 100, Ronaldo also scored twice for 24 minutes and hit Portugal Tel milestone 10 consecutive international tournament scoring.

But the most frightening thing in Ronaldo in the national team is that he scored as many goals as he walked through age 30. It is said "the older spicy ginger" and that is true with CR7 despite the notion that players will deteriorating performance at the age of 30.

In 118 matches for the Portugal stone prior to the age of 30, Ronaldo has scored 52 goals, reaching around 0.44 percentage goals / match. But since turned 30, Ronaldo has merits to 49 times in 47 matches, reaching the rate of 1.04 goals / match.

Ronaldo's goals from the 30s even more than the total number of national team goal more lists other famous players, such as Sergio Aguero this time scored 41 goals for the new Argentina Tel. We can compare with Lionel Messi always: Once turned 30, Messi has scored 12 goals in 20 games, hit rate of 0.6 goals / match.

In the 101 goals scored, Ronaldo has 55 times up-footed, 22 times and 24 times with the left foot first. 67 goals in the phase of which comes from the live ball, 24 from penalties and 10 from the free kick. When Ronaldo scored Portugal won 55 games, lost 6 and harmony 5.