Team A of Silos CF confronts C team of SF Jucar in a match of young players from 14 to 15 years old. Before a strong opponent, SF Jucar's C team had to get defeat with an unimaginative ratio of 30-0. President of Silos CF, Jose Antonio Rodriguez said his team wanted to end the match in the first half when the score was 14-0 but the coach of SF Jucar wanted to continue.

The match
The match with a score of 30-0 shocking Spanish (source: Internet)

The match with a score of 30-0 shocking Spanish

The president said: "First I want to person on the name of our football club apologize to Jucar's players, father and mother. It is probably that it can be avoided because the ratio has been very different in the first half.

Many times, our coach went to talk to the referee and the other side of the gland to ask the match to stop due to the difference between the two teams but the coach of SF Jucar said the His players still want to continue playing. "

Jose Antonio Rodriguez asserted that his players did not show in respect for their opponents at any time of the match. It is known that the coach of Silos CF has to receive threats to kill on social networks after being criticized because of the match to continue.

"My players don't celebrate goals or hug each other after scoring. But it is an awkward situation. If you only pass the ball and don't attack, people think you are showing the lack of rival respect.

We also suffered heavy losses before Levante, Valencia or Villarreal but those results did not affect the media because they were considered large clubs. Our coach is threatened and seen cruel things over social networks. I think it is shameful, "Rodriguez added.

The Board of Management of the Silos Cf Club held an urgent meeting to evaluate details what happened in this unimaginable result and was shocking Spanish football.