The Sun reports that the coaches across the UK in general and in particular in the Premier League has started communicating with his players to inform them of the time the general returned to training, on 9/5 . Boss of the Premier League club has agreed that football return only when "really safe". Currently, the expected time lifting social spacing on the island fog being weighed is on 7/5.

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Premier League clubs coming back files (Image Source: Internet)

The Premiership club going back to training

Premier League has postponed indefinitely the pandemic raging Covid-19 on the island of fog. However, with the passing peak service, the Premier League is waiting for the government lifted a social spacing.

A source close to The Sun said: "The players are notified that the time between June is best suited to football again. And until mid-May is a reasonable time period to start training again. "

The Times reported, the game will almost certainly be held behind closed doors and could only watch on TV. And to ensure the season ends with more time to prepare for the next campaign, has suggested that Wembley Stadium can be used for the team competition with a density more often, have up to 4 games / day and will be held "as the television event."

The British government also wants the remaining matches in the Premier League this season to be broadcast free of charge. This will keep the fans at home, instead of gathering in or outside the stadium. Sky Sports and BT Sport has confirmed the will televised live all 92 matches of the tournament remaining.

Premier League clubs commitment to the end of the season to date 31/7, and create conditions for the matches in the Champions League and Europa League can take place in March 8. The time of starting next season can back about a month, until mid-September.