Two match Valladolid - Barca and Juventus - Fiorentina will be reported directly by us. Invite you to pay attention to watch!

Valladolid - Barca: 4h, 23/12, Round 15 La Liga

At the 15th round of La Liga, Barcelona will have a guest trip to be expected to not be too difficult to the yard of Valladolid. The Catalunya team showing signs of revival, unexpectedly leveling up with a 2-2 draw against Valencia. However, it is also the acceptable result of teacher Ronald Koeman by "Bats" has never been a pleasant opponent with them.

Messi and teammates decide to win all 3 points away

In the upcoming match, Barca will have to be guests. If in La Liga separately after victory on Celta Vigo at the beginning of the season, the Nou Camp team has undergone four consecutive guests without knowing the victory. In it, they only dried on Alaves, the rest were failures against Getafe, Atletico Madrid and Cadiz.

Therefore, the habit of "smart, market" can make Barca fans worry when this team will have the first trip during the past half months. However, in the nearest two seasons, Barca wins when you get guests to Valladolid. It will be a fulcrum to Messi and teammates more confident before the upcoming match.

Valladolid's landlord is playing quite well in the last 2 months when winning 4, Hoa 2 and losing only 2. In the 14th round, Valladolid also played impressed when there was a 1-1 draw on a strong opponent Sevilla. Therefore, the teachers of Sergio González Soriano will definitely want to surprise despite the "giant" La Liga.

Juventus - Fiorentina: 2h45, 23/12, Round 14 Serie A

Juventus will have a reception of Fiorentina on the home field in the 14th round of Serie A. After winning 4-0 victory over Pirma, the army of coach Pirlo is aiming for 3 next points to continue to chase 2 teams Milan into Serie A this season.

The hottest look today: waiting for Messi - Ronaldo to conquer
Juventus is sublimated by Ronaldo's high performance (Photo source: Internet)

Juventus is sublimating by Ronaldo's high performance

Juventus still maintains a fairly impressive form with a short-defeat chain in Serie A this season. In the first round, "the old lady" had a victory over Parma in the day Ronaldo shines with a brace.

Only having to encounter the rival not appreciated as Fiorentina will be the opportunity for the Portuguese superstar shining. Remarkably, this will be the match that Ronaldo has a balancing opportunity that exists since 1961 of Omar Sivori, when he becomes the most scored player in a calendar year at Serie A with 33 phases .

On the other side of the war, Fiorentina was still showing a weak face in this season. Cesare Prandelli's army has experienced a series of 8 consecutive matches without knowing the victory odor with 4 failures and 4 draws. Easy to understand why they're falling to the 16th place and the fact that Juventus in this round will be an extremely difficult challenge to hope to improve Fiorentina's rankings.