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Solskjaer coach and pupil is a victim at Old Trafford (Image Source: Internet)

Solskjaer coach and pupil is a victim in Old Trafford

5/10 dawn, MU must receive the 1-5 defeat against Tottenham salt in round 4 Premier League. For many, this is a shocking result, but if you look overall, the nightmare at Old Trafford so ... normal.

Since leaving coach Ferguson, Manchester United not retain his position as a major. Any team always can beat the Reds. There's no further say, two weeks ago, teachers and coaches received Solsjkaer ago Crystal Palace 1-3 defeat.

Even the team belongs to the primary defects such as Derby County, West Ham, Brighton, Cardiff ... once giving MU must grudge. In other words, failure has become something familiar red shirt army Manchester.

Talking about the current MU, fans thought of a team weakness, lack of temperament and stability. Where was the image of a Red Devils victory courtyard, always think about winning and making every opponent tremble.

One season to another, looking MU itself absorbed the aura. Many coaches come and go, the stars but also to the Red Devils still the same, still just beggars past. The question is whether "nightmare" at Old Trafford runs until ever?

It's hard to find an answer, because MU has sunk in despair for too long and almost knock you down winner.

Vu Quang Huy commentator is confirmed, until US employers still do football style thinking only of profits, MU hardly hope revived.

"Current MU mere moneymaker, not a strong professional can. This is shown through they always wanted to run under the contract slick, wealthy appeal while uncertainty about conformity.

In contrast, the key positions, the MU should strengthen again indifferent. For example, funds are teetering defense but for months they are almost no additional. Things to this point with MU is a good midfielder, not a winger, "Huy said.

"Look at how Liverpool do football, they always correct investment focus, help on a complete lineup. Aston Villa Defeats simply crash and they will soon return, MU does not. If Manchester United do not change, who sat on the couch coach the same, must admit defeat, "Huy coalesce.