Ronaldo and Messi's what did it for more than a decade have exceeded many people's imaginings. Two great players in the world rank has dominated the Golden Ball award for many years, and together hundreds of record breaking.

The combination of history's greatest: Ronaldo Messi pairing, what will happen?
Ronaldo - Messi (Image Source: Internet)

Ronaldo - Messi

It was therefore, comparison between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi is always the most controversial topic world football and never-ending.

Accordingly, every situation is created by Messi can help Ronaldo slotted. With the ability to handle sensitive situations in the penalty area, CR7 is always "machine goalscorer" authentic. Meanwhile, Messi possesses qualities with technical genius Ultimate can create perfect cross for Ronaldo.

And a special easy to see, that the two could be teammates on the pitch food ideas when they have moving extremely intelligent. And indeed would be a nightmare for any team when faced with two leading superstar.

In recent years, the competition between the two competitive rivals Messi and Ronaldo were not as tense as before. Ronaldo often praised Messi and vice versa.

Even during an interview at the award ceremony of the UEFA, CR7 admitted Messi wants to have dinner with. "Of course we have a good relationship. We never eat dinner together, but I hope that this will come in the future." Ronaldo said.

The combination of history's greatest: Ronaldo Messi pairing, what will happen?
The fans amazed that CR7 and M10 played superbly when playing together on a fictitious video (Image Source: Internet)

After a short time, Messi returned the journal Sports of Spain: "Fine. I'll have dinner with Ronaldo, there is no problem about this. We are not friends because never co team but I always met him at the awards ceremony. "

Perhaps instead of comparing Messi - Ronaldo everyday football fans the world will have to feel fortunate to witness two players over high embankments low for more than one decade. Because competition is gradually overcome both limitations and create new standards in football.