Recently, the club is playing in the Bundesliga, FC Cologne announced 3 cases positive for Covid-19 in this team. This is information that many players, including midfielder Birger Verstraete shocked when management still requires the players to the training ground steadily without any move yet isolated.

Team "dose" in the Bundesliga now (Image Source: Internet)

Team "dose" in the Bundesliga at the moment

"It was surreal, we are still practicing after 3 infections Covid-19" - Belgian star said. Birger Verstraete also said that his mind is now completely gone towards football, by concerns of midfielder born in 1994 were focusing on his girlfriend, who had a history of heart disease and can be very dangerous if the infection Covid -19.

Birger Verstraete expressed annoyance with the team continued to train players wear to 3 positive cases Covid-19. Towards Cologne, representing the team claimed three cases of the disease have been required isolation at home, while the others will play a normal episode.

However, with this plan, the possibility of infection is still very high when many players sign and the actual incubation, 3 cases were detected Covid-19 will not have any symptoms. Although FC Cologne did not disclose the identity of those infected but according to local media reports, three people including two players 1 and a therapist.

The star of FC Cologne, Birger Verstraete (Image Source: Internet)

The star of FC Cologne, Birger Verstraete

Verstraete has shared with Belgium's VTM television station that he fears those who had contact with 3 positive cases on. "What the club announced that no one in contact with the players infected is inaccurate. Even doctors physiotherapy are also frequently discussed with me and the other players in many last week. So, to say that we had no contact with them at all completely untrue "- Verstraete expressed his annoyance.

"The team continues to practice, all scared. We are not insulated and it is monstrous," - Belgian midfielder said. League Germany, Bundesliga expected back by the end of May but the very bad signal FC Cologne are making tournament organizers felt the difficulty announced the decision back.