Comparison of Valentino Lazaro mixed up with Giroud and Mkhitaryan

In the latest round match between Monchengladbach and Leverkusen Bundesliga 7, when the ratio was 4-2 in favor of the landlord Leverkusen, Monchengladbach midfielder Valentino's Lazaro had a person hit the ball with the left heel hook extremely beautifully released Leverkusen from cross into the net from the right wing Patrick Hermann.

Surprise blockbuster
Toss people of Lazaro skillful hook ball (Image Source: Internet)

Hook the ball toss skillful people of Lazaro

Though belated phase set to reduce the score to 3-4 could not help Monchengladbach hold 1 point before the trip to Leverkusen, but this goal of Lazaro certainly strong candidate for the title of most beautiful goal Bundesliga season, maybe even a nomination goal of the year FIFA (FIFA Puskas).

Blockbuster hook the ball in a "scorpion" will make fans remembered two beautiful phase of a similar style and Henrikh Mkhitaryan's Olivier Giroud for Arsenal and Manchester United in the English Premier League 2016/17 framework.

Mkhitaryan gave United fans a gift full of emotion in Sunderland Boxing Day holidays. Blockbuster "Scorpion" but his posture was recorded in Vietnam but did you get up social networking wave, has commented that "it's so nice to be blowing your Vietnam".

However shortly after 1 round, fans are enjoying the same phase as the table of Giroud through Crystal Palace, in the first match of Arsenal in 2017. With the majority of fans and experts, goals from Giroud was believed to be more perfect.

However, if you set it all up weight table, we can see goals from Lazaro had difficulty pushing higher than the situations of Giroud and Mkhitaryan, which is done in a comfortable position, not who together.

In the aforementioned game, Lazaro came on from the bench in the 63rd minute, when the score was 2-2 billion. This is also the first phase set of Lazaro season early this year for Monchengladbach. Players born in 1996 are now on the payroll Inter Milan and had six appearances for the Serie A team Before moving to Monchengladbach, Lazaro had 13 appearances for Newcastle, scoring 1 goal.

Share on Twitter after the game, Lazaro said he was pleased that his first goal for Monchengladbach, but expressed regret that the team can not win.