Liverpool once shocked the football world in January transfer window 1/2018. That's when the Merseyside spend 75 million pounds to pay for the club Southampton, Virgil van Dijk turned into the most expensive midfielder football history, before Harry Maguire Manchester United break the record.

Superstar Van Dijk: Statistics amazing, gold broke Messi - Ronaldo
(Image Source: Internet)
Superstar Van Dijk: Statistics amazing, gold broke Messi - Ronaldo
Defense capabilities of Van Dijk really remarkable (Image Source: Internet)

Defense capability of really respectable Van Dijk

So far, all have to admit that Van Dijk deserve every penny of that enormous sums spent Liverpool. Since Fabio Cannanaro - 2006 World Cup champion now has a new central defender in the top three Golden Ball. Even as the coach Klopp confirmed, Van Dijk holding deserved Golden Ball more than Messi, Ronaldo and Mane.

After winning the championship the Premiership ahead of 7 rounds, Liverpool now only need to add 3 more victories will become the first team in the Premier League won 101 points in 1 season. To be successful as today, "The Kop" need to thank the tremendous contribution of Van Dijk.

Virgil van Dijk just turned 29 Sunday 8/7. With 90 minutes while kicking beat Brighton 3-1 Liverpool away (within 34 Premiership), the Dutch players had 86th courtyard coat color "red brigade".

In 86 matches this, he kicked a total of 7,705 minutes and Liverpool to win to 67 wins (77% winning percentage). Whenever Van Dijk came off the bench, the Liverpool fans have always felt very reassured by far their darling team to lose to have 6 games when the services of former Southampton midfielder Club (losing 6.9 percentage %).

Notably, there are nearly one half of the battle of Van Dijk is the time Liverpool keep a clean sheet (42 games, 48%). But Liverpool have lost only 4 goals in the game White Man City not long ago, but remember this is the match no longer meaningful and the goals that they have received only when Van Dijk at 58. Thus, averaged in the time using the "cornerstone" of this, Liverpool have conceded just 0.67 per game table.

Though runners Premiership last season but Liverpool remains the defense team has most certainly when only 22 goals conceded. This season Liverpool likely remain with the team conceding at least 26 times after round 34, less good defense team has second Leicester to 6 goals.

Superstar Van Dijk: Statistics amazing, gold broke Messi - Ronaldo
Van Dijk deserve to be honored (Image Source: Internet)

Van Dijk deserve to be honored

But Van Dijk is not just a good defensive player. He also participated in attacks very well. This season, the Dutch players with 4 goals and 1 line is created in the Premiership for Liverpool. Accurate passing rate of 89.2% up to Van Dijk in the Premiership, and 89.9% in the Champions League. So Liverpool building attacking play from the defense, with Van Dijk is the foundation.

2019, Van Dijk second in the Golden Ball race. This year, fully capable to continue to compete Van Dijk Golden Ball trophy in 2020 with superstars like Lionel Messi of Robert Lewandowski or Cristiano Ronaldo.