Van Aanholt phase ball severe injury

78 minute match between Crystal Palace and Manchester United, after getting road "indirect" Marcus Rashford, Martial had a storm through the penalty area before accurate heart fixed buffer 2-0 victory for the "Reds" . In this situation, after the momentum Martial shot skidded off and crashed into defender Patrick van Aanholt, this made him fall in dangerous positions.

Shot extremely dangerous ground by Van Aanholt (Image Source: Internet)

Shot extremely dangerous ground by Van Aanholt

Martial replays showed almost had a "woodcutter" with Van Aanholt, prompting the Dutch defenders and fell face down with his head and shoulders. Van Aanholt was very painful and his teammates have to call the help from the medical team immediately.

It took nearly 10 minutes to watch, the doctor can put 29 players on a stretcher. Due to falling posture, Van Aanholt has dislocated his shoulder. The medical staff of Crystal Palace took the Dutch defenders before putting his oxygen replaced. Also so that the second half was the last match to 11 minutes of injury time.

Few hours later, midfielder born in 1990 has updated his status on Twitter to reassure fans that he was okay. "We always have to be strong in these situations and it unfortunately did happen, but that is football. Thanks for those who have loved me, especially fans of Crystal Palace. I had to breathe oxygen slightly but the feeling that time inhaling air into the person also enjoys ", Van Aanholt share.

Meanwhile, talking about the trauma of the pupil, coach Roy Hodgson said: "We had bad luck with defenders this season. Van Aanholt hardly missed a single match and I do not know to take cover long to fix the dislocated shoulder he is, but I hope he will soon come back next season. "

Mixed up with the net Palace last night, Martial became the first French player rolling mold 17 goals in the Premier League since the case of Nicolas Anelka in the 2008/09 season. Above all in the arena this season, Martial had 22 goals and 8 assists to the (average 104 minutes once contributed to the goal).