Chelsea and Tottenham were unable to find a goal in the 10th most notable War of the Premier League. With the two-sided squad at a high form combined with the certainty of the tactics of both coach Frank Lampard and Jose Mourinho, both defense were unable to penetrate even if some chance quite deliciously to eat Area.

Chelsea defense awarded the dangerous strikers of Tottenham

This is an unusual match for both sides by the beginning of the attack season of each team who played quite well and scored in the Premier League regularly. Until this match, Chelsea only one match did not score (in front of MU) and the same thing Tottenham (before Everton), and every team had high strikers like Werner, Kane and Son Heung Min .

But if Tottenham kicked away with the familiar style of Jose Mourinho, Chelsea played the yard in most of this match and still faced a few dangerous counterattacks of Spurs. However, they kept the successful grid thanks to the certainty of the quartet of the defender, the performance of the route after continuing was the driving force to help Chelsea present in the championship competition group.

Especially since the goalkeeper Edouard Mendy in the wooden frame, Chelsea has achieved defensive achievements they never get when Kepa also arrested. The last Tottenham match was the 5th in the Premier League this season Mendy kept clean, thereby leading him to lead the tournament in this category. He only reached 3 goals and kept the net clean at 8/11 matches.

Mendy is the least grid goalkeeper and keeps the most premier League clean net, though not all matches from the beginning of the season (source: Internet)

Mendy is the least grid goalkeeper and keeps the most Premier League clean net, though not all matches from the beginning of the season

With the midfielder Thiago Silva - Kurt Zouma protected the front, Mendy and Chelsea defenders ended the Kane & Son's goal of Tottenham's goal, because Spurs continuously scored in the Premier League since after the match Less Everton early season. Chelsea are having a minimum achievement of less than 10 goals (Tottenham puncture 9 goals), but up to 9 goals of them coming in Kepa and Willy Caballero matches.

Although Chelsea spent more than 200 million pounds of buying troops this summer and so far most recruits have demonstrated value, no one is leaving a bigger marker than Edouard Mendy, because even when Thiago Silva played, Chelsea still reached 3 goals before West Brom for Kepa. Chelsea's defense is not least when they started Mourinho leading, and great public is due to trustworthy guardians.