Special talents of goalkeeper José Luis Chilavert legend

Born on 27/07/1965 in Luque (Paraguay), Chilavert not only won the title 3 times the best goalkeeper of the League of statistics and world football history (IFFHS) in 1995, 1997 and 1998 , but also is recognized as goalkeeper score goals most international (8 goals).

Impressive scoring ability of goalkeeper Chilavert (Image Source: Internet)

Impressive scoring ability of goalkeeper Chilavert

Chilavert started his career at the age of 17 Sportivo Luqueno club, a 2nd team Paraguay. In 1989, of a height of 1m88 goalkeeper has played the first match for the national team of Paraguay. Then he moved on to play for a club in Argentina was first class San Lorenzo.

Although competition in the goalkeeping position but Paraguay football legend was known for caste foul to owning a total of 67 goals in his career. Chilavert scored not only know, he is still an extremely reliable barricades, which helped him become a legend of world football and Paraguay.

Reliable barricades José Luis Chilavert titled (Image Source: Internet)

Reliable barricades José Luis Chilavert named

Degrees "horror" of Chilavert expressed many interesting stories. Previously, Chilavert once nicknamed "The Bulldog" (Dog Crazy) by extremely feisty personality on the field. The most famous is the second incident involving Faustino Asprilla and Diego Maradona. Chilavert with Asprilla fought in World Cup qualifying match in 1997 that Colombia met both expelled. Later, he allegedly punched face personal conflicts Maradona because (according to the newspaper revealed the BBC).

Goalkeeper tempered pole, nicknamed "The Bulldog" (Dogs crazy) (Image Source: Internet)

Goalkeeper tempered pole, nicknamed "The Bulldog" (Dogs crazy)

At the 2002 World Cup, José Luis Chilavert strongly impressed with the "excellent way" his free kick. In the game against Slovenia in the last turn round. When the score was 2-1 in favor of Paraguay, South American team was awarded a free kick. Chilavert workers to recognize the responsibility to implement the free kick. The ball goes extreme tension of Slovenia crossbar. By the end of match, Paraguay won 3-1 final and 1/8 to the knockout stages.

20-year career in professional competition, Chilavert has 72 caps for the national team of Paraguay. The man born in 1965 was crowned champion in a series of tournaments that he attended as league Paraguay 1980, Partially Argentina of 1993, 1996 and 1998, Copa Libertadores in 1994 ...

Skills free kick was the "excellent way" 1 no 2 of Chilavert (Image Source: Internet)

Skills free kick was the "excellent way" 1 no 2 of Chilavert

Special talents also earned Chilavert many individual awards: Goalkeeper best in the world (1995, 1997, 1998, 1999), the best players the Americas (1996), the best players Argentina (1996), best goalkeeper Argentina (1996), the best player in (1996, 1999), best goals of the tournament of Argentina (1996 against River Plate), the best goalkeeper and the 1998 World Cup.

Chilavert also set the Guinness record when 11m hat-trick in a game against the role of the keeper. At Velez Sarsfield's 6-1 win Ferro Carril Oeste before, goalkeeper with left foot super "horror" has scored 3 goals on consecutive 11m. So far, this record has not been push down and practice, will be very difficult to break the record on.

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