Hans-Jörg Butt goalkeeper has started 483 games in the entire professional football career around. Besides talent in goal, goalkeeper born in 1974 also left impressed with his eye, and specializes in penalties. Throughout his career, the former German national team has a total of 32 goals, most of the penalties.

Hans-Jörg Butt Goalkeeper scored 32 of his career (Image Source: Internet)

Hans-Jörg Butt Goalkeeper scored 32 of his career

Hans-Jörg Butt retired in 2012. After 8 years, the former goalkeeper with handsome face and each is many fans called "gods" is, still holds the record for number of goals that a goalkeeper has been in Champions League. That's 3 goals. Curiously, all 3 goals from penalties that are before the same rival Juventus.

3 time scorer "Old Lady", Hans-Jörg Butt made with three different teams. It was Hamburg in 2000, Leverkusesn 2002 and Bayern Munich in 2009. And 3 this time, Butt's side have won good results. Air Hamburg 4-4 ​​Juventus, Bayern Leverkusen won 3-1 and won 4-1. Thus, Hans-Jörg Butt is probably the name that Juventini most remembered.

But Hans-Jörg Butt is also remembered by fans a rare incident and exciting Bundesliga 2003/04. It was a match between the home team Schalke and Leverkusen dated 04/17/2004 visitors.

76 minutes, Leverkusen were awarded a penalty kick. As a routine, Butt lunged to take the 11m and does not make mistakes. But Butt mistake only in moments later. He immersed celebrate with teammates and when he returned, only to discover half the ball was in the net.

Schalke's Mike Hanke shot from the middle of the field after the serve, shorten the gap in just 77 minutes - only a few dozen seconds after the successful implementation Butt penalty. Unfortunately for Hans-Jörg Butt was in this match, Leverkusen preserve a 3-2 win for Schalke.

Hans-Jörg Butt goalkeeper is also the witness of the 2001/02 season the most grim history, with the second hat-trick of Bayer Leverkusen. He stood in a wooden frame, witnessed the moment Zidane volley implementation genius, brought Champions League for Real Madrid.

Later, Hans-Jörg Butt also finished second once in the Champions League bitterly 2010. That 0-2 defeat at the hands of Bayern Munich, Inter Milan - in eating three great season Jose Mourinho. The final match was, Butt restart key, playing the full 90 minutes before looking at opponents lifted the trophy.

Thus in the whole career, Hans-Jörg Butt to 5 times runner-pity. That's 2001/02 Champions League, Bundesliga 2001/02, 2001/02 National Cup Germany (along with Leverkusen), Champions League 2009/10 (Bayern Munich), the 2002 World Cup runner-up Germany Tel.

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