Peter Schmeichel's goal for Aston Villa

Peter Schmeichel fact not in the top 10 goalkeeper scored the most in the history of football, but he is a phenomenon in the world of the goalkeeper by a pioneer in the emergence of the penalty area at the end of the game to score, if the home team is being lead or sometimes both when being held to a draw.

Schmeichel dogfight in a corner, at the end of games, images familiar to fans MU (Image Source: Internet)

Schmeichel dogfight in a corner, at the end of games, images familiar to fans MU

Schmeichel has scored 11 career goals and actually has 6 goals in them Schmeichel scored a season in the club's 1985 Hvidovre. It was a season that young Danish goalkeeper with his teammates play through each game was miserable and was constantly on the lead, leaving them relegated last season.

However the fact of Schmeichel season 6 goal that was not recorded by the challenge to participate in the attack late game when Hvidovre enjoying corner, which is the penalty. Schmeichel scored his first goal in the 2-3 defeat of Vejle Boldklub Hvidovre before date 04/21/1985, and the 2nd table to arrive on 09.01.1985 when he set before Ikast FS 4-0 for Hvidovre.

Schmeichel opener from 11m 43 minutes of Hvidovre 3-1 win before BK Frem then 6 days, and his penalty against Esbjerg FB date of 6/10 is the only goal in the 1-3 defeat. To date 3/11, Schmeichel has scored twice in the first and only career, scoring 2 goals in the first Hvidovre 3-1 win AGF stands.

Leaving Hvidovre, Schmeichel jacket Brondby in 1987 and his first goal for the club with a new date of 5/10/1987, again from penalties after 24 minutes increased the lead to 2-0 in the win 4-0 AAB. The next table came shortly after 1 week, Schmeichel set 3-0 after 75 minutes in the win over former club Hvidovre.

Schmeichel scored 11 goals in his career to nine goals from 11m performance (Image Source: Internet)

Schmeichel scored 11 goals in his career to nine goals from 11m result

1995/96 season, the UEFA Cup and meet MU Rotor projected Volgograd in round 1 at home, but conceded two goals after only 24 minutes. Paul Scholes shortened 1-2 after 59 minutes, and 88 minutes to hook the ball Schmeichel released 2-2 person from Ryan Giggs's corner.

Schmeichel scored the only goal in the Premier League in the 2001/02 season when he draped Aston Villa. Midlands team at Everton and to do 71 minutes they were leading 0-3. Mustapha Hadji shortened 1-3 shortly after the last match for Aston Villa and Schmeichel appears at the far post to kick volley from close shortened 2-3, not up to visitors refused to 1 point.

Denmark also in the team, Schmeichel scored the only goal in 2000 when Denmark face Belgium recruited in a friendly match eve of Euro 2000, and that a penalty after a foul by Martin Laursen was. Denmark goals to help but they were held 2-1 2-2 while conceding 73 minutes.

So both Peter Schmeichel 11 goals scored in a career are footed despite the familiar image of him as guardian body engaged dogfight in a corner. No one would have suspected that Schmeichel has served as an expert penalty kick in his hometown when he was young, he could even have scored more goals if recourse tasked 11m rock when playing abroad.