René Higuita - "crazy guy" in the lead

Concept goalkeeper scan (sweeper keeper) has begun familiar with many people watching football. Manuel Neuer was the most famous of this school when Germany goalkeeper who often have ice phase out within 16m50 for clearance when home defender had barely retreated. However, this concept was born from the front both with the madness Neuer named René Higuita.

René Higuita (Image Source: Internet)

René Higuita

René Higuita, also known as "El Loco" - "crazy guy" is one of the most famous goalkeeper in the last decade of the 20th century with his monstrous. Coming from a striker with blood artist in person, Higuita ready trick over rivals and ... dribble a circuit to take the midfield.

Began wrestling professionally in color shirt Millonarios, René Higuita immediately caused a sensation after scoring 7 goals in just 16 games despite a keeper. This club goalkeeper largest subject at that time Atlético Nacional of Colombia is recruited by his superb performances. In total, the goalkeeper has 41 goals in a career which has 3 goals for the national team of Colombia and the majority of these coming from the direct free kick.

Of course, talent in the goal of medium format nor Higuita. Goalkeeper saves this important penalty Atlético Nacional won the championship Libertadores - South America's C1 Cup in 1989. With this achievement, Higuita was summoned to the national team for the World Cup Colombia 1990 to participate.

It was in the land of Italy, René Higuita had to pay extremely high prices for their extravagant habits. In confrontation with Cameroon, goalkeeper this ball to take the midfield but Andrew Roger Milla was robbed and shot on an empty net. This situation makes the DT Colombia was bitter from the biggest football clubs on the planet.

Tackles in a "scorpion" famous René Higuita (Image Source: Internet)

Tackles in a "scorpion" famous René Higuita

Disastrous mistake he did not seem to affect Higuita. 5 years later, this forcing goalkeeper admiring audience. In a friendly against England at Wembley, Higuita found shot Jamie Redknapp too easy ... to catch by hand should decide casts "scorpion" to make a clearance.

Insanity has created a "work of art" unique in world football history. Until this day, very few dare to reappear screen keeper was blocked by just a small mistake is a laughingstock for the galaxy.

René Higuita brings the madness from the pitch both in real life. In 1992, this goalkeeper visited famous drug baron, Pablo Escobar in ... prison makes no newspapers consuming less ink. A year later, Higuita was jailed seven months after participating in a kidnapping the daughter of a drug baron other (on disclosure of documents Goal).

Despite suffering many mistakes in his career but René Higuita still receive the love of the fans, especially at home thanks Colombia gameplay its not like anyone.

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