Synthetic red card 20 world famous

Recently, statistical arbitrage and transfer pricing Transfermarkt squad has just launched "Bad Boy" - "The more players stick red card in his career," included in the 5 top European league. This statistic is calculated all the time in the national team disqualification as well as the club.

Super squad leader most red cards: Bewildered Zidane, Totti
Situations red card Zidane's famous 2006 (Image Source: Internet)

Situations red card Zidane's famous 2006

Stood in goal as German goalkeeper, Jens Lehmann with 7 being disqualified. The most memorable is the challenge "the wrong" foot Sameul Eto'o in the Champions League match between Arsenal final and Barcelona in 2006.

In defense, the pair "butcher" of Real Madrid Sergio Ramos-Pepe once appeared. Spain defender Ramos for his ownership to 26 red cards, the second in the history of football while quite surprised, to receive 12 new Pepe red card in his career.

A different midfielder to appear in this list is a "victim" of Zidane in the 2006 World Cup final, Marco Materazzi. Characterized trick play that the referee has disqualified 15 times Materazzi. The remaining names in defense was Patrice Evra to 12 times to get a red card, the most memorable was once expelled from the match has not yet started in 2017.

Lineup most sticky red card by statistical Transfermarkt

In midfield, not surprisingly, appears the name Edgar Davids. Dutch midfielder nicknamed "Pitbull" and have received 25 red cards in his playing career. Beside him is Danielle De Rossi, a spirit of competition also bleed equally with 15 removals.

The next two names in midfield brought interesting. Francesco Totti both Zinedine Zidane and are known for playing technical style and very pompous but times were disqualified by the duo nor the medium format (respectively 14 and 16 times).

Duo in attack are striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic strong personality and Mario Balotelli is at number 13 with a red card. In total, the team has to be sent off 168 times. This number will increase as more players in this squad have yet to retire.

Should know, 8/11 aforementioned players have played in Italy. This shows the popularity of solid play in Serie A is not "rumors".