According Defensa Central, Newcastle are making initial contact with head coach Real Madrid, Zinedine Zidane. This is the information stunned football fans by're strategist French has never been mentioned in the plan "makeover" of Newcastle. However, this has shown ambitions and plans "crazy" that team North East of England is about to perform.

Super-rich Saudi billionaire invites Zidane, Newcastle route plan
Zidane is the top target on the Newcastle bench (Image Source: Internet)

Zidane is the top target on the Newcastle bench

Also according to the source, leadership assessment Newcastle Zidane is the best coach in the world and they are willing to spend "tons of money" to bring former French footballer to the Premier League. Zidane has won three Champions League titles with Real champions Madrid and that partly explains the indisputable talent of the former midfielder.

Earlier, "Injecting Choe" is believed to have contacts with many leading strategist Mauricio Pochettino world, Max Allegri or Rafa Benitez to replace current boss Steve Bruce following season. However, according to the latest news, new Zidane is the top target in the "makeover" of Newcastle.

With an offer to double the salary of Zidane at Real, Newcastle are hoping royal team Spain will release the people. Although the ability Zidane moved to lead a team in the Premier League has never been mentioned, but this may be the opportunity to taste strategist 48 creates credibility and demonstrate ability military situation as yet to lead led team other than Real Madrid.

Newcastle have not yet completed the procedures officially changed owners. Mike Ashley has yet boss to hand over the team for the Arab Fund. Of course, fans "Injecting Choe" is very expect this process to be completed by there like that, the goals that this team newly promoted to pursue a clearer way.

Super-rich Saudi billionaire invites Zidane, Newcastle route plan
The Frenchman was the leaders Newcastle appreciated (Image Source: Internet)

The Frenchman was the leaders Newcastle appreciated

Besides contacting coach Zinedine Zidane, Newcastle also unveiled a plan "crazy" when asked to buy Gareth Bale, Arturo Vidal, Antoine Griezmann or even coming in contact with the representatives of superstar Lionel Messi. However, no new owners took over the internal causes confusion and Newcastle became negatively affect the players psychologically as well as the coaching staff before the Premiership play again.

Ability relegated Newcastle in the Premier League this season still exist when they are over relegation team 8 points. Therefore, what this team needs to focus immediate efforts will be playing pitches in the rest of the season, before thinking of "rebel" summer transfer market.

Although faced with many difficulties and faced opposition from the teams and representatives of some companies, but the billionaire super rich coming from Arabs still very confident to be ready to take over Newcastle in the future . Therefore, fans "Injecting Choe" still have optimistic and believe in a great revival from the darling team.