Koeman is one of the biggest talents of Dutch football and is one of the most important players of the Dutch team the late 80s and early 90s, but Koeman As a defender renowned for skills play and great, particularly in situations dangerous free kick.

Super defender
Koeman is well known for the free kick hindquarters (Image Source: Internet)

Koeman is well known for the free kick hindquarters

He can play center-stamping (sweeper), midfielder, could even rise office midfield. Koeman defensive style is known for sure, along with the ability to launch attacks from lower to pass road has become a brand. With 253 goals scored during his career, was the defender Koeman scored the most goals in history, an achievement which many strikers in this era lust.

Born in the Netherlands in 1963, Koeman take the path of professional football mapped out by his father and brother. He started his career at Groningen before moving to the most successful Dutch club Ajax in 1983. Here, Koeman won the league title in 1985. After the first 3 years at Ajax, he joined rival club PSV and more 3 consecutive national titles in 1987, 1988 and 1989; C1 same trophy in 1988.

Career Koeman turned a new page when he landed Barcelona in 1989, became part of the team "Dream Team" of coach Johan Cruyff, help "Blaugrana" won 4 championship La Liga consecutively since 1991 until 1994. Koeman has also held the record for scoring from a free kick at Barca with 26 times up until this achievement Messi was razed in 2017 following a free kick goals against Athletic Bilbao.

One of the most famous goals of Koeman is the only mixed up in the final Cup 1992 C1 through Sampdoria, take the European title first in history to Barcelona. It is also a goal of his style: a pounding kick, dagger straight into the lower corner of the goal opponent.

After parting career boxers shirt number, Koeman according coaching career and has had considerable success. He once led many teams as Vitesse Arnhem Netherlands, Ajax, PSV, AZ Alkmaar and Feyenoord. Koeman was also wandering to Portugal to coach Benfica, to Spain to lead Valencia to the UK and to hold Everton, Southampton. From 2018 to present, he is the head coach Holland.