Admire the beautiful moments of Hierro:

"I know I was born not to make defenders. If given the chance, it's a shame if they do not rise and launched a shot that the keeper to see how prop ". Hierro once confided that and smile than to pride.

Super defender
Fernando Hierro (Image Source: Internet)

Fernando Hierro

Undeniably Real ever produced so many good scoring defender. And among them, Fernando Hierro is exactly the type of player 1 is not 2, the "man of steel" celebrated a famous capable scorer, no less than the striker.

If you need proof, the figure of 163 goals in his illustrious career has helped him become the best scoring defender of all time in Spain. However, what is the key to the former star Real many mixed up so when playing at the lowest position the team?

Firstly, there is respect. When he was at the peak or even the time of their aging, Fernando Hierro with a strong personality and the great prestige consistently voted as captain of both Real Madrid and Spain Tel. The main thing that helps Hierro stand on all the important responsibility to penalty kicks or kick.

But the second more important new, defender Hierro has become the world's best 1 part because of the possibility of his very good goalscorer. Not only is an excellent leg kick that Hierro is always a threat in the air that Real Madrid can never be replaced.

And a special truth about Hierro again, that he is the fans Origin Catalunya for the first great respect. This is something incredible by Barcelona rival Real Madrid has always considered that those implacable.

Perhaps partly because of heroic fighting spirit, strong will to extraordinary Hierro always worthy of admiration. In addition, he is also one of the big personalities ever dare "turn on" the chairman Florentino Pérez in the past.

Super defender
The free kick by Hierro brand stature (Image Source: Internet)

The free kick by Hierro-class brand

After the conflict reached its peak in 2004, Hierro was banished from the Bernabeu. But 10 years later, the "bosses" had to invite Hierro back as an assistant coach and assistant to coach Carlo Ancelotti. And as all know, cycle success begins here as Real acquirer fourth Champions League title in just 5 years.

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