Official: Suarez leave Atletico Madrid join Barcelona

Few hours ago, on his homepage, Barcelona has given notice "Achieving consensus with Atletico Madrid for the transfer Luis Suarez". Accordingly, "Rojiblancos" Barca pay 6 million euros to sign a contract with a period of 1 year with the Uruguayan striker. Suarez will receive salaries of up to 9 million euros / season at Atletico Madrid.

Suarez official to Atletico Madrid legend tearful farewell Barca
Striker Luis Suarez will be a quality rookie of Atletico Madrid this season (Image Source: Internet)

Striker Luis Suarez will be a quality rookie of Atletico Madrid this season

On the official website, Barcelona notice: "Barcelona and Atletico Madrid have reached an agreement to transfer Luis Suarez. The fee that the team to Madrid to be spent in this deal is 6 million euros. Barcelona express Thanks to the dedication of Suarez during the past years. We hope that good things will come to him in the future. "

On its homepage, Atletico Madrid also confirmed that Luis Suarez left Barcelona about to dock in Diego Simeone's side as soon as he passed the medical examination.

Suarez official to Atletico Madrid legend tearful farewell Barca
(Image Source: Internet)
Suarez official to Atletico Madrid legend tearful farewell Barca
Home of both Barcelona and Atletico Madrid have confirmed has achieved consensus on transfer Suarez (Image Source: Internet)

Home of both Barcelona and Atletico Madrid have confirmed has achieved consensus on transfer Suarez

Jacket the entire time Barca, Suarez has won 13 trophies, including four league championships and one Champions League title. He also has excellent scoring 198 goals in 283 appearances for Barca in all competitions and become the best scorer of the club 3rd, behind only Lionel Messi and Cesar Rodriguez tried to list manually.

Last time, there are also a lot of speculation concerning the future of Suarez Juventus. But the trouble related issues legal papers, plus the alleged fraud in the Italian language test made players miss out on joining the "Old Lady of Turin".

To Atletico Madrid, Luis Suarez is expected to be the perfect replacement striker Álvaro Morata Spanish Juventus reunited under a loan accompanied buyout clause end of this season.

Suarez leave Barca in tears

This is a tumultuous summer of Barcelona. After struggling to retain superstar Lionel Messi, Josep Bartomeu President again facing criticism for the way he let striker Luis Suarez leave.

Barca are having difficulty with the liquidation process by Luis Suarez

Last 23/9 (Hanoi time), the Spanish newspaper confirmed Barca and Suarez has officially completed the liquidation of the contract, and the two sides are no longer any more bonds. Suarez is the 10th player to leave the Nou Camp this summer, according to all different types.

Cadena Ser According sources, Barca and Atletico earlier achieved agreement relating to the transfer named Luis Suarez. Accordingly, there will not be a fixed transfer fee for Barca. Instead, Origin team Catalunya received 2 million euros per season but this striker attend the team into the Champions League with Madrid.

Luis Suarez is no longer in the plans of new coach's Ronald Koeman. Therefore, leaders Barca striker looking for a berth 33, this new attempt to reduce wage fund. Former Liverpool striker Barca wages consume 22 million euros / season, the third highest in the Nou Camp.

Contract between Barca Suarez period of 1 year only. When approved to Suarez to Atletico, Barca will not pay 22 million euros for the remaining years of the contract with Suarez. Instead, it will be the fee that Atletico pay bribe for this striker. Suarez is believed accept bribes received a much lower figure above 22 million euros.

The problem is, is deeply split the superstructure where Barcelona. Even going to have a mutiny superstructure where this team. According to the Onda Cero, a director in charge of Barca feel dissatisfied with working methods were rated as ineffective by Josep Bartomeu Chairman. So, they are willing to submit your resignation once felt disagreements with President Bartomeu irreconcilable.

If this happens, this will be the second time in 2020, the Barcelona officials quit en masse to protest President Bartomeu. Remember today 10/4, 6 members of the leadership team General signed the Camp Nou in a resignation leaves.

Among those leaving 2 Emili Rousand vice president and Enrique Tombas with 4 directors including Silvio Elias, Maria Teixidor, Josep Pont, Jordi Clasamiglia. Announced his resignation letter published by the newspaper La Vanguardia public. Worth mentioning, the words used in the letter is somewhat heavy and does not hesitate to mention the internal contradictions.

Process from beginning to end Barca's Luis Suarez extortion, Lionel Messi friends have remained silent before the media. But behind the scenes, the Argentine captain is said to have created a great influence to retain allies, including transfer request through the recent shake burofax cause.

Suarez official to Atletico Madrid legend tearful farewell Barca
Messi depressed because Suarez outgoing friend (Image Source: Internet)

Messi depressed because Suarez outgoing friend

However, after being unable to leave Barcelona as difficult, Messi understands that he can not help Suarez completed the final year of the contract note. Onda Cero and still follow, Messi is said to have extremely depressed with the upper divisions in Barcelona, ​​at the same time prepared to look Suarez joined rival Atletico.

And this will most likely affect the thinking of Lionel Messi in getting a contract extension with Barcelona or not. Messi out as Suarez, is in the final year of a contract with Origin team Catalunya. Once the decision not to renew, Messi can be free to leave Barca in the summer of next year.