Barcelona was sure to return to the first 1/8 Champions League, but still played well even though he did not release the strongest squad. They easily defeat Ferencvaros in Hungary with a 3-0 victory, Antoine Griezmann opened the score and Martin Braithwaite and Ousmane Dembele to compress 2 more to Barca to set the score after less than half an hour.

Dembele and Braithwaite are scored to help Barca win Ferencvaros quickly

It is worth noting that Barca's performance is good despite whether or not Lionel Messi in the squad. If Messi matches or the bad game, there is another player playing well in a very stable way: Martin Braithwaite.

After 3 main stone Braithwaite matches, Barca won all 3, each recorded no less than 3 goals and did not concert a table. BRATHWAITE individuals in those three matches have scored, including a double against Dynamo Kiev, as well as a tectonic. He also earned Barca 2 penalty.

The Danish striker was used by coach Ronald Koeman after Barca lost to Atletico Madrid 0-1 and was surprising that he was a missing piece to play Barca better, at least on the attack front. Braithwaite is a true striker, running and pressing good that Griezmann is returned to the position of striker back to the forte, Braithwaite since the main stone also made Griezmann play better.

Barca played very convincingly in 3 matches of the main stone Braithwaite (Photo source: Internet)

Barca played very convincingly in 3 matches through the main stone Braithwaite

Barca When Suarez was still smooth about the play of Uruguay's striker and could no longer run much, but about over the past 2 months they were extremely struggling after leaving Suarez to Atletico Madrid. They didn't have a true striker to run into the gap behind the defense, instead a griezmann played backward but was forced the stone plug or pushed off the wing. Even Messi also need a plug striker to run in place, otherwise he will have to operate in the cramped space.

Braithwaite Of course New Stone in Barca matches is higher, but such matches have to win and Barca cannot win as why they lost La Liga last season. Barca lost to Osasuna home at home with more than 4 months ago and did not win Osasuna in the first round of La Liga in 2019/20.

Braithwaite would probably be one of the weirdinks that Barca did in recent years, players bought in confusing context, but finally kicked the team like Paulinho or Arturo Vidal. Must now Barca finds people to replace Suarez, but at least late.