Summer 2020 was one of the saddest memories in the career of Luis Suarez player. The Uruguay striker was Barcelona new coach, Ronald Koeman, "originating" and push out into the street when the mutual contract about to expire. Left the country bitterly Catalunya, Luis Suarez could have found a new parking facilities in Juventus.

Suarez case revealed truth to Juventus bust: Cheating on examinations, the police investigation?
All of them think Suarez has moved to Juventus (Image Source: Internet)

All of them think Suarez has moved to Juventus

However, things suddenly do not get anywhere and Suarez immediately return to Spain. The cause of the collapse of this newly elucidated and even the Italian police are on the investigation into the case of the Uruguayan striker.

Source bout starting work by Luis Suarez to join the language tests required for certification B1. It is an important condition for the Uruguayan striker took the Italian nationality. Earlier, Juventus has enough capacity non-EU players in the squad with the accession of Weston McKennie. Therefore, there must Suarez nationality eligible Italia Juventus.

Luis Suarez has passed the written exam excellence but officials had doubts about the transparency of the test by the Uruguayan striker did not say how well a complete Italian sentence. La Gazzetta quoted an official in the incident, said:

Luis Suarez in the coming days by the B1 exam Italian Perugia

"He earns 10 million euros in here so he must pass the test. However, Suarez still do not know how to use verbs and how to properly use only infinitive verb form ". Marca quoted informed by Italian police: "Appears abnormalities in the test exam Italian performance of Luis Alberto Suarez Diaz players took place on 17/9. It is a condition for receiving citizenship Italy ".

Italian police investigators (Guardia di Finanza) has embarked on the investigation and the results showed Luis Suarez apparently knew and made available exam answers before entering the examination room. "After investigation, we found out the online lessons of Suarez appeared many parts of the test and answer key. Currently, we are continuing the investigation to complete the dossier ".

University of Perugia - where Luis Suarez denied entry to all relevant facts and that the competition took place "transparent and fair". Currently, this incident will not clear where to go by the Uruguayan striker has abandoned the idea of ​​joining Juventus.