Two goals from Rooney and Ronaldo on the day 01.07.2020

Accordingly, Rooney said Sir Alex should take responsibility for these failures of MU. In the finals of the 2008/09 Champions League season, Barca beat Manchester United 2-0 thanks to goals from Samuel Eto'o and Lionel Messi. Go to the 2010/11 season, "Red Devils" continued fall 1-3 to Barca. Pedro, Messi and David Villa who scored for representing Catalonia.

Stunning service manager Sir Alex Ferguson criticized Rooney, criticized the tactic as
Rooney consolation teammates after defeats in 2011 (Image Source: Internet)

Rooney consolation teammates after defeats in 2011

In this second match, Pep Guardiola's team are playing better football giants class Manchester. According to the striker 32, "Reds" approach should have played a more pragmatic way, instead of opponents double play.

"We lost two Champions League finals before Barca than trying to push up the squad and dogged opponent. So that as suicide, "Rooney said. "Alex Ferguson always said that we are Manchester United, we will play attacking. But I think all players from deep in thought knows how MU match against Barca approach is very wrong.

"I do not care how will rock in the big match of the Champions League top. The most important thing is still the winner. Look at how Liverpool do in the final last season, and I think Zidane also similar thinking so. " Rooney added.

"He Shrek" is also reminiscent of the MU victory to Barca in the Champions League semi-finals 2007/08 season as an example for how to play defense. Two legged season ended that year with the final score 1-0 in favor of Manchester United with the only goal of the veteran midfielder Paul Scholes with a tying goal in the return leg devilish. That year at Old Trafford, Manchester United Barca cornered most of the match but in "Reds" has shown commendable stubborn.

Rooney is seen as one of the legendary "Reds". In the second Champions League final defeat Barca striker UK were present. He was the only scorer for Manchester United in two confrontations above. His goal is the challenge leveled the match at 1-1 in 2011.