Admire the best goals of Ronaldo (according GiveMe Sports):

Before the season break by translation Covid-19, Cristiano Ronaldo had rolled the 1000 level professional matches and scored 725 goals. A figure unthinkable.

Stunned Ronaldo & 5 classic goal: kick volley turned 2,56m & ultimate challenge
Ronaldo 725 goals in a career (Image Source: Internet)

Ronaldo has 725 goals in his career

Throughout his career, Ronaldo has made a lot of goals in several phases as different styles. From solo storm through, a header, of the cage, kick, flipped the ball ... But above all can see the spirit and extraordinary willpower is what is making the goal of the Portuguese superstar.

At club level, Ronaldo has scored 626 goals total includes five phase set for Sporting Lisbon, which tore through the defense MU 118 times, Real Madrid is a 450 round table and so far has scored 53 goals for Juventus. At the level of the national team, Ronaldo missing only one phase set right again will staff 100 goals milestone for Portugal.

However, to choose the best scorers phase in the career of Cristiano Ronaldo is not simple. Fortunately page recently helped GiveMe Sports fans do that even though this list may still not really fully.

Lisbon - Real Betis (2002)

In the first five months started his career at hometown club Sporting Lisbon, Ronaldo was soon revealed the star qualities. In the friendly match with Betis, who was born in 1985 and scored a spectacular goal after passed the keeper and calmly slotted the ball into the far corner before the inability of the two defenders.

Manchester United - Portsmouth (2008)

Many people believe that god grief ferocious shot past Porto's 2009 best goals CR7 scored for MU. But free-kick with terrible speed through Portsmouth will never fade in the minds of the fans, "Red" or fan of Ronaldo.

Stunned Ronaldo & 5 classic goal: kick volley turned 2,56m & ultimate challenge
Ronaldo free kick bloom (Image Source: Internet)

Ronaldo free kick bloom

Real Madrid - Juventus (2018)

Ronaldo has scored 450 goals for "Los Blancos", but the shot hit the net reclining hookahs make sure goalkeeper Buffon will be the best goals. Mixed up with Ronaldo not only get the applause of Juventus fans by applause, but also was honored as one of the best goals in Champions League history.

Juventus - Sampdoria (2019)

In Italy, fans have witnessed one of the first goal in the most incredible football history of Cristiano Ronaldo. Accordingly, to leap up to 2,56m to jump the net Sampdoria, Portuguese superstar has made the whole world was shocked when preparing for the 35th birthday.

Portugal - Spain (2018)

In the opening match against Spain in Group B 2018 World Cup, Ronaldo scored a hat-trick to rescue unimaginable Portugal. In particular, decisive kick equalized 3-3 De Gea has made the goalkeeper could only stood stock still when the ball went too hard and in the right top corner.

Stunned Ronaldo & 5 classic goal: kick volley turned 2,56m & ultimate challenge
Spain 3 times grudge because Ronaldo (Image Source: Internet)

Spain 3 times grudge because Ronaldo