With a 142 year history, Everton even established before the great rivals in Merseyside - Liverpool 14 years. However, whether to maintain continuous presence at the toughest tournament planets Premier League, Everton have never head into the top door, let alone competitive championship.

Stunned Premier League: Everton - James is the phenomenon or champion candidates?
Ancelotti (Image Source: Internet)


With Carlo Ancelotti, however, nothing is impossible as soon as Everton started the war in 2020/21 season. Goodison Park the home side have incredible makeover screen and dominate the Premier League with a multitude of record.

Just after 4 rounds, Everton stood on the whole "Big 6" when the only team to win 4 matches won 12 points absolutely and scored 12 goals (the highest award). Even if the broader, Everton have restored historic battle 126 years ago when the whole win 7 matches this season in all competitions review.

Everton were playing freeze, become hurricanes unstoppable. External strategy abilities of Ancelotti, Everton are still benefiting from the integration of ultra-fast rookie James Rodriguez. The superior performance help Colombian midfielder smashed all doubt when playing in England, and regain confidence after a nightmare time at Real Madrid.

And yet, striker Calvert-Lewin also was another factor that helped Everton have impressive start since 1939. With 6 goals in 4 rounds, Calvert-Lewin promises great uproar race "scorer" Premier League, which is the stage where the OC as striker Aubameyang, Salah, Vardy.

Everton have enough champions or not?

When you have stability in terms of personnel, plus special factors played sublimation and a full-range coaches, all the establishments showed Everton promises to make it big in the season 2020/2021 , and it will increase the competitiveness of the Premier league, makes this tournament even more attractive and more intense.

However, the home side Goodison Park from past to present is still attached the label "mid-range team." Whether they have the ambition, but to challenge crown like the way former Leicester City in the season 2015/2016 is still needed time to respond.

Everton duo has 9 goals in Premier League

To remember the Premier League is still the league's toughest on the planet, all the team won the championship in recent years, Liverpool, Man City have a force extremely powerful and have won scores lofty 99 or 100.

Therefore, to determine whether the candidate Everton championship or not depends on the performance of this team at least after the first 10 laps. This will challenge the bravery of teachers Ancelotti and reagents as Liverpool, Manchester United or Chelsea in the next round is necessary.

If successful play, Everton can aim Top 4 or championship. But if they fall down and power, fans will also be sympathetic and consider this perfectly normal thing with the "dark horses" of the season.

Everton, Leicester, Leeds, Aston Villa are the most impressive team after four first round of the Premier League. Inviting welcome to read the sequel to 6pm, on 10/10!