The name caused the concussion cases are young coach Scott Parker Fulham. Parker publicly criticized the team's boss Tony spokesperson Khan for "lack of useful" on the social network-related failure of the team closest to Aston Villa at home.

Stunned Premier League: coach
Coach Scott Parker is undergoing stormy day (Image Source: Internet)

Coach Scott Parker is undergoing stormy day

After 3 rounds in the Premier League this season, Fulham have not get any point after three defeats, scored 3 goals and conceded 10 goals. In the closest match to welcome Aston Villa at home, Fulham continued weakness games, conceding just 4 minutes and 3 tables were taken when the clock less than 50 minutes.

Soon after this defeat, boss Khan posted above Twitter and apologized to fans: "I'm sorry Fulham supporters because of the performances tonight. We have to consider additional midfielder following up after class. I am sorry that we can not do this. In our 4 goals, 2 adhesive Covid-19, with the burden off one free deal seemed done, and problems with the remaining business.

I promise there will be new players and further efforts from the team. I should and would apologize many times more for this performance. I'm sorry, everyone. All we have to do better. Everyone here has been working since last year to lead the team effort promoted and now we must work to make further efforts remained. I promise there will be more effort later today ".

Stunned Premier League: coach
Tony Khan, son of Shahid Khan boss, ruling executive team (Image Source: Internet)

Tony Khan, son of Shahid Khan boss, ruling executive team

After seeing this presentation, Coach Parker immediately countered behavior of elite: "That is not something I can agree. That is not something useful. What I disappointed here as he apologized for the team's performance. "

Besides, Parker said he was unaware of the details leadership team in bringing about the failure of the plans for additional personnel.

If there is a coach that easy to be fired in the next time, it would be Parker, when Fulham currently sit side window rankings Premier League, especially when two rookie remainder of the prize is Leeds United and West Brom were less impressed.