Ibrahimovic brace

AC Milan has won the circuit breaking, after a 3-3 draw at home to AS Roma. But this is still a good game of attacking the home side at the San Siro, and Milan continued to dominate the top of the Serie A standings with 13 points after 5 games.

Stunned Ibrahimovic scored as
Ibrahimovic scored twice against Roma (Image Source: Internet)

Ibrahimovic scored twice against Roma

Scored twice against Roma with Zlatan Ibrahimovic put themselves leading the race scorer in Serie A 2020/21 season with 6 goals, superstar Ronaldo doubled even more rock 1 matches. This is also the third consecutive match 39-year-old striker scored twice after the 2-1 win over Inter on lap 4 and won their opening game 2-0 Bologna. Since Covid-19, Ibrahimovic to miss the ball 3 and 4.

Furthermore, this helps Zlatan brace 58 phase set for Milan in the arena alone, Serie A, more than one table than what he contributed to Inter as a youngster. Regrettably in the match against Roma, Ibrahimovic both a hero of Milan just a sinner.

When Milan seemed in a fifth consecutive win in Serie A this season, the Swedish striker to make mistakes inadvertently led to goals conceded. In an effort to make a clearance a corner kick for Roma 84 minutes, Ibrahimovic makes the ball wide of the column splashed on remote and "road tectonic" Ibrahimovic was Marash Kumbulla utilized to determine the score 3-3.

After years of crippling, AC Milan are in a stage play very successful. Roma's last game was the 11th consecutive "Rossoneri" scored at least two goals per game in all competitions. This is more than 60 years achievement once, because the last time they do achieve good scoring similar circuit is from 1959.

Milan threatened both Serie A thanks to Zlatan

Thanks to the brilliant performance of Ibrahimovic but AC Milan remain unbeaten through five rounds and sitting atop the Serie A summit, which inherently long ago this team can not touch. Inter and Juventus are two bugaboo turn came fourth, fifth, but only 3 and 4 points less Milan. Therefore, the championship race Serie A 2020/21 remains extremely tough.

Ibrahimovic is eclipsed Ronaldo

Trip back to AC Milan's Zlatan Ibrahimovic this time than expected success of the Milanista key. Hard to believe that at age 39, Zlatan remains one of the players to make an impact in Serie A the most, if not the largest, more than superstars Cristiano Ronaldo.

Although not yet won the title with Milan, but the player is making changes impact the entire club. In addition to having these impressive statistics (14 goals and 5 of assists in Serie A in 2020), Ibrahimovic also created a huge influence in the dressing room of the "Rossoneri".

Remember, according to the statistics of Transfermarkt, AC Milan currently owns one of the youngest team in the top five European leagues. So, besides the goal or way to create value is directly on the field, the experience of Ibrahimovic also be appreciated.

He is the example for the young players in the club's training session. The growth of young players Rafael Leao, who had two tectonic line at AS Roma a 3-3 draw past as examples. The connection that is created helps Ibrahimovic AC Milan back to the Serie A title race after years. And everyone knows that Zlatan is "Mr. Scudetto", should the Juventus or Inter will not be despised.