Ceremony of burial Diego Maradona

11 children from 7 wives

Besides massive sociable career, Maradona is also known for controversial private life. He used to have a lot of flashes, resulting in 11 children with many different women. Among them, Maradona only recognized two sons and 3 daughters. Of these, there are 3 people from the official love between Maradona with the old wife Claudia Villafane and the perennial mate Veronica Ojeda.

Santiago Lara, one of Maradona's children

Claudia Villafane is the only woman who is married by Maradona before the party "everyone's way" in 2004. They have two daughters Dalma (born in 1987) and Giannina (born in 1989). Giannina is the ex-wife of Sergio Aguero, Man City striker.

Meanwhile, Diego Fernando Maradona Ojeda (born in 2013) is the result of a 10-year love of Maradona and Veronica Ojeda. The boy is also the youngest member of the family and is abandoned by him when Ojeda is pregnant in the 4.5th month of 2015, the legendary Argentina also acknowledges a relationship with female Bar Valeria Sablin bar, who was born Give the daughter Jana Maradona.

The last and oldest remaining was Diego Junior (born in 1986), the result of love between Maradona and Cristina Sinagra model. Should know, when Diego Junior was born, Maradona completely denied his mother's mother's existence. It was not until 2016, the new Maradona father reunited at a hotel in Buenos Aires.

In addition to the 5 official children, Maradona is also said to remain at least 6 other children from love with many women in Cuba and Italy.

In 2016, Santago Lara (born in 2001), a teenager from La Plata insisted that he was the son of the Argentine player on television. The boy sharing himself is the result of the love between Maradona and Cuban model Natalia garat, who has died in 2006 for lung cancer.

In early 2019, the identity of 3 private children in Cuba of Maradona with two native women revealed by testing and, in turn Joana, Lu (daughter) and Javielito (son). At the end of the year, another Cuban young man named Harold also claimed to be Maradona's "blood drop" but has not been tested for DNA.

Stunned from Maradona: 11 children, 7 wives for inheritance
Magali Gil, the nearest person who receives Maradona's children (Photo source: Internet)

Magali Gil, the nearest person to receive Maradona's son

Nearest, in October 2019, a girl named Magali Gil (born in 1996) also confirmed that he was Maradona's son on Italian television, after being said by his mother's mother's identity. Magali has filed a claim to be acknowledged and will likely to conduct DNA tests.

How big does Maradona leave?

Despite being a shadow character but according to Goal, Maradona's net asset value was estimated at only $ 100,000, while Celebrity Net Worth estimated he had $ 500,000. Although he had earned millions of dollars in his career, Maradona had to use most of the assets to address tax disputes with Italian authorities. According to Express, Maradona still owes taxes to $ 44 million and has not yet paid so much before died.

However, the real estate block of Maradona owns "not medium", when he owns about 5-6 real estate in Argentina, most of being leased. He also owned 4 cars in Argentina and a luxury amphibious car as a gift in Belarus when he was the honorary chairman of Dynamo Brest.

In the last years of life, Legend of Argentina has signed some attractive contracts with Konami - the company has put his image into PES 2017 electronic games, with a brand sports clothing. He has football schools named in China, with investments in Cuba (including hotels) and in Italy.