With the translation of Covid-19 Making Everton - Man City's deferred match, in the Monday evening, only two matches taking place in the 2008 Premier League round framework. And both matches have beneficial results for teams that don't play yesterday.

Aston Villa holds Chelsea 1-1

In the earliest match, Leicester City was led first by Crystal Palace and had to ask Harvey Barnes to bring about 1 point, even if they missed a penalty at the beginning of the match. Meanwhile in the second match, Chelsea led from Olivier Giroud, Aston Villa reclaimed 1 point with El Ghazi's second goal in 2 consecutive matches.

Both 1-1 draws helped Leicester, Aston Villa and Chelsea raise the ranking but definitely Leicester and Chelsea do not consider it a positive thing. Leicester temporarily occupied Everton's second goal while Everton's match was postponed, but these two teams gave each other and the gap between Leicester with Liverpool boards could increase to 6 points if Liverpool beat Newcastle United.

Meanwhile Aston Villa and Chelsea turns 5th and 6, both have 26 points and with points with Tottenham & Man City. But Chelsea kicked more than Tottenham 1 match and Aston Villa and Man City to 2 matches, while Southampton in No. 9 was only less than Chelsea 1 point, so he could break up if they lowered West Ham.

Stress Premier League Charts: Chelsea & Leicester lost points, top 4?
Situation of half in the Premier League BXH after the first two matches of round 16 (Photo source: Internet)

The situation of half in the Premier League BXH follows the first two matches of the round 16

The last 15th round witnessed Everton and Man City were the teams in the half on the bxx to win, and it seemed right in this 16th round there will be new draws when Chelsea and Leicester are the two most strong teams Miss the opportunity.