End of the season, Manchester United ranked No. 3 in the league. Army by points with Chelsea but Solskjaer put on thanks to better sub-index. However there is a little strange that nobody noticed, MU has the correct destination by the score they get in the season last year, with 66 points after 38 rounds.

Strangely MU 2 seasons with 66 points rolling mold, Ole Solskjaer difference lies in
MU finished in 3rd position (Image Source: Internet)

MU finished in 3rd position

Last season, "Red Devils" scored 65 goals but conceded 54 goals (difference +11). Also in this season, 66 goals, and 36 goals conceded (difference +30). The important thing is whether the same score two seasons, but the Army official Solskjaer has now won the Champions League tickets. So what makes such a big difference?

Remember about a year ago, decided to keep Ole Gunnar Solskjær's leadership caused great controversy MU for fans. By that time, "Reds" sprint undergoing its worst season in three decades.

In 2018/19 12 games last season, Manchester United have won only 2 games, scoring 8 goals but mere conceding 22 times. Even in the lower screen match play before the cheers of the home crowd at Old Trafford, Manchester United failed 0-2 at home before the team was relegated Cardiff.

But when the season ended, "Red Devils" have screen sprint incredibly divine. Solskjaer teachers and students maintain unbeaten sequence to 14 games and won 32 points to the finish in Top Position 3. That achievement is not any Premiership team can compare and clear is MU too deserves Merit after what was shown.

Moreover, Manchester United won the match in last season curtain. It was even match "Final Top 4" before Leicester and at the King Power, not Old Trafford is like a year ago. And suddenly was 2-0, but this time was inclined Solskjaer's men.

Clearly, the success or failure of the military situation Norway has officially been decided and the decision is always his status for next season. A straight ticket to the Champions League is proof that Solskjaer can help United return to the ranks of the best teams in Europe.

Strangely MU 2 seasons with 66 points rolling mold, Ole Solskjaer difference lies in
Ole Solskjaer (Image Source: Internet)

Ole Solskjaer

But this is only the first step of starting, but the future is wide open with Solskjaer when he was able to line the main road main stack up against Pep Guardiola or Jurgen Klopp, the czar gave his team crowned in Recent seasons.