The 12th round of the Premier League made fans surprised by no team in the "Big Six" group won in this round. But not only a round, the league's face had surprises from the beginning of the season.

Tottenham leads the Premier League even if few who evaluates them is the winner before the season

And that surprise turned out not only if the Premier League had. In fact, both of Europe's leading landscape tournament are witnessing surprises when the top teams are all teams that are not judged to be a number 1. Even coincide from coincsis, all 5 The team is kicking in Europa League.

In addition to Tottenham leading the Premier League, Lille is currently occupying Ligue 1 table despite this tournament laughs as "farmers' award" on the Internet due to dominance for many years of PSG. The same thing happened in the Bundesliga with Bayer Leverkusen led after taking advantage of Bayern Munich's score against Union Berlin.

In Italy, AC Milan still heads the table even though the championship race promises to be fierce because Juventus and Inter Milan are gradually following it. And La Liga is another surprise, not Barca or Real and even not Atletico Madrid, but Real Sociedad occupies the top spot.

Startled the Premier League chart and in Europe: 5 top teams of Europa League
Real Sociedad occupies La Liga at the time of Real & Barca in a shot (source: Internet)

Real Sociedad occupied La Liga at the moment Real & Barca decline

Unexpectedly stopped there. All 5 teams led the table of 5 major tournaments in Europe are currently playing in Europa League and all have not champion the country at least since 2011 (the last year AC Milan won Serie A and Lille champion Ligue 1). Last time Tottenham champion him was the 1960s / 61 season, the last time Real Sociedad cropped La Liga was 1981/82 and Bayer Leverkusen had never raised the Bundesliga silver disc.

It seems that the trend does not stop at every major tournaments. In 32 teams will be in the first round of Europa League, there are 15 top teams of European demands, while the first round of the Champions League is not even present in any table team. Portugal, Denmark, Scotland, Turkey, Island of Cyprus, Israel, Northern Ireland, Norway and Ireland are all teams at least 9 years now do not win the national champion.

There are very, many factors that influence but the most obvious is Covid-19 disruption of everything. Strong teams attending the Champions League are more severely damaged because they have to share in the arenas and each round of the group are the battles they have to launch the strongest squad, while many strong teams only use the B-European team in Europa League . It is not to mention many players infected with viruses and lose their performance when they return to soccer.

Startled the Premier League chart and in Europe: 5 top teams of Europa League
AC Milan is unbeaten at Serie A (Photo source: Internet)

AC Milan is unbeaten at Serie A

The problem is just whether the current situation has been kept until the end of the season or the big men will break up and restore the old order. Sociedad despite the top of La Liga but still kicks more than Atletico 2 matches and their heads are just temporary. Tottenham and Liverpool together with Lille & Lyon are equal to each other in the league with PSG less Lille only 1 point at Ligue 1, Bayern Poor Leverkusen has 1 point in Germany and Inter poor AC Milan only 2 points in Italy.