Lionel Messi's future at Barca has gradually come to light after the faxes sent by the Argentine superstar to leadership aspirations to go to be widely publicized. According to Spanish media, the more likely Messi will join Manchester City.

However, things are becoming more stressful when Messi and Barca controversy erupted binding contract. In the contract signed between Barca and Messi in 2017 with liberal terms he just leave if notice 10/6. So superstar 33 still bound 1 year with the Camp Nou, any team that wants to own Messi must pay the contract fee of freeing up to 700 million euros (629 million pounds).

Startled Man City: It may take a € 700 million if purchased Messi not stone
Barca and Messi fierce conflict because of the binding contract superstar 33 (Image Source: Internet)

Barca and Messi fierce conflicts because of the binding contract superstar 33

However, Messi's legal team argues that this provision completely worthless (or automatically extended to the end of August, according to The Sun) by the 2019/20 season was delayed because of the pandemic Covid-19 . So Argentinian superstar made the rules when sending faxes announced its intention to leave the present time.

Daily Mail revealed that Barca can trust the World Football Federation (FIFA) to arbitrate in case of freedom gone Messi without binding contract. Agency's most powerful football will investigate and make its final decision in early 2021. If lost, Messi and new team (probably Man City) must pay 700 million euro contract fee liberation Barca, even facing a penalty.

In the time of the FIFA investigation, any other club are owned Messi certificate temporary international transfer (ITC) from the agency to register him play in the season 2020/21.

According to Daily Mail, Messi is still another choice is to put the matter to a court in Spain, the judge will decide whether the money that you pay to release his contract. However, this litigation process may be prolonged and Man City are not permitted to register Messi played until 5/10 (duration of the summer transfer window closed Premiership).

The last option is the right (Messi, the new team, Barca) sit down to negotiate the transfer fee, or Messi Barca proposal their own funds Liberation contract.

Thus Man City if recruited Messi, in the worst case, will be faced with having to pay the full 700 million euros for Barca, or will not be using the M10 in one period of time as mentioned above .

Messi is the solution sue "Desperate" Barca if unable to break up the Argentine superstar in peace

El Pais page (Spain) stressed that Messi is confident win if the dispute with Barca posted to FIFA. Even, a source close at the El Pais FIFA that claim in 15 years, no law of FIFA or the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) may hinder Messi leave.

Still according to the Daily Mail, the FIFA event, or court Messi just solution "Desperate" if Barca can not compromise with the superstar 33 years. Earlier, Spanish media said that the Camp Nou side are ready to create conditions to player pet away if the transfer fee received more than 222 million euros (198 million pounds).