Cavani after being released on the yard has scored 2 goals and contributed 1 assisted to help Mu won the Southampton 3-2 against St Mary's in the first 10 of the English. After the match, the striker of Uruguay shared the image of celebrating the goal on social networks and received countless words of praise.

Star Premier League I want to punish Cavani, ban 3 matches are not enough
Cavani Risks for severe penalties from FA (Photo source: Internet)

Cavani Risks for severe penalties from FA

When being congratulated by a friend, Cavani replied with the words "Gracias Negrito". Negrito in Spanish means to imite blacks. Cavani quickly erased this photo later but it was captured by many social network users.

The 33-year-old striker confirms "Negrito" is a way to confess to the secret among friends in South America. However, the FA is considering this post, before a Cavani punishment decision.

The latest, Watford's Troy Deeney captain said about this incident, said that Cavani deserves a worse penalty: "That is never true, no matter how long he looks like "Deeney said on Dailymail. "When you write a message on a social network, it needs to be considered, he needs to review because no one wants to become an idiot.

What makes me worried is that he doesn't think 'this doesn't seem right'. I know we have a 3-game suspension law, but I want to know whether the FA has a communication for foreign players when they come here to play the ball or not. I don't think he intends to humiliate anyone, but he needs to be taught what is allowed and is not allowed here. "

When asked if the 3 matches for Cavani were enough or not, Deeney said: "No, I don't think so. He might have done it for a happy moment, in this case scoring goal, but he didn't understand the meaning of sentences from. The project is not enough, in addition to these three matches to need more taught punishment. "

Racist behaviors are carefully reviewed by FA and often those who have this error will be severely punished. At the end of last year, Bernardo Silva was suspended for a match, a penalty of £ 50,000 for comparing Mr. Benjamin Mendy teammates with a black character of a chocolate candy company. Despite the coach Pep Guardiola and Mendy in advice, Silva still had to receive a case from FA.