Two situations of Neuer saves in the European Super Cup match

Bayern Munich won the UEFA Super Cup trophy in 2020 after passing the Europa League championship team last season as Sevilla. However, this is the victory of the team hard Bavaria. They were representatives coming from Spain took the lead right after 13 minutes and just completed a turnaround after 120 minutes.

Neuer reverse run from midfield for Bayern Munich saves for 88 minutes (Image Source: Internet)

Neuer reverse run from midfield for Bayern Munich saves for 88 minutes

In fact, without the excellence of goalkeeper Manuel Neuer perhaps European Super Cup title already belongs to Sevilla right in the playing time of two major agreements. 88 minutes, Bayern Munich full-squad put up attacks in a corner kick situation.

The only player standing on the yard is well up until Neuer midfield. But Alaba missed the breaking ball situation the ball pops out and that a counterattack could not favorable for Sevilla. German goalkeeper had sprinted to the back defending.

However, the danger was not yet over when Neuer must have a screen 1 for 1 with En-Nesyri Youssef and the striker is in the very favorable position. However, the German goalkeeper easily neutralize the demolition man incredibly accurate.

En-Nesyri choking cry after the game ended

In extra time, Morocco striker went on to become "victims" of Maneul Neuer. 2 minutes into the first overtime, En-Nesyri turned Alaba a "clown" and launched a shot to the near corner pole unexpected but Neuer was still able reflexes with the his left foot makes the ball flew into the left hand post. German goalkeeper also denied the opportunity of En-Nesyri soccer training later.

In fact, the Sevilla striker has Vietnam in this situation should have scored well despite not being recognized. However, Neuer not even to En-Nesyri do that.

After the game ended, the reporter recorded the scene En-Nesyri cry choking and was a member of the Sevilla consolation. Obviously, if the striker's finish better perhaps people standing on the podium as the representative comes from Spain.

However, hardly blame En-Nesyri by players facing the best goalkeeper in the world, Manuel Neuer. Earlier, the German goalkeeper also made Neymar and Mbappe grudge in C1 Cup finals.