Spanish football last week witnessed many interesting surprises, even without little shock. That's when Eden Hazard re-impressed after a trauma when the star worth 100 million Euro scored the opening goal in the 4-1 victory of Real Madrid on Alfredo di Stefano in front of Huesca in La Liga Round 8 Barcelona suddenly was 1-1 deportivo alaves on the land.

However, Spanish football last weekend also witnessed another interesting story related to Vinaros's goalkeeper Carlos Aguoyo Torres. On Sunday (November 1), when Vinaros was being led by the Peniscola team 1-0 and was at risk of failure in the home derby at home in the framework of Ranked 6 Spain, Torres rise High attendance.

Spanish football balls: The hero is crime after 40 seconds crazy
Carlos Aguayo Torres goalkeeper (left) of Vinaros has just attributed special attention (source: Internet)

Carlos Aguayo Torres goalkeeper (left) of Vinaros has just caused special attention

The goalkeeper carrying a number 31 suddenly shot with a right-footed shot and put the ball into the low angle of danger to equalize for Vinaros Minutes of the fifth hour of Half. Thought about Torres's team was firmly 1 point Only 40 seconds later, while this goalkeeper just returned to the wooden frame to manage, a Peniscola player had tired the ball from the middle of the yard, causing Torres to fly all of himself unable to stop the scoring opponent.

Torres just celebrated when scoring the equalizer for Penarol had to be bitter into the net picking the ball after only 40 seconds at the end of the match against Peniscola

Peniscola won the dramatic 2-1 in the surprise and regret of the entire players of Vinaros, including their "Temple". The goalkeeper Carlos Aguayo Torres was actually a man who became a crime of the home team in "blinking".