MU has just missed the Top 3 opportunity Premiership after round 35 an extremely regrettable. Solskjaer teachers and students just won Southampton home is overcome Chelsea and Leicester. However, they can not perform successfully drew 2-2. Unfortunately, more "Reds" to opponents scored in injury time of the second half 6th.

Southampton players controversy
Romeu dangerous ball with Mason Greenwood (Image Source: Internet)

Romeu dangerous ball with Mason Greenwood

However, things may be very different. 41 minutes, midfielder Romeu of Southamtpon have nasty blow destroy nature with Mason Greenwood MU side. Worth mentioning is that this situation occurs after the ball has left footed young British talent. This makes one think to challenge "abandon hit the ball."

The referee whistles Chris Kavanagh not cut this situation and did not punish Southampton midfielder then. This makes it extremely angry MU fans. Legends of the "Reds", Gary Neville was very harsh on the television station Sky Sports.

"I can not accept that situation. It was a nasty blow to the worst. Shadow left foot Greenwood but he still tried to create vacuum. Romeu, he was very lucky not to get a red card. Greenwood could have a broken leg in that situation. "

Southampton players controversy
Romeu replacement, Obafemi was the one who scored the 2-2 (Image Source: Internet)

Romeu replacement, Obafemi was the one who scored the 2-2

"I do not agree with the view of Gary Neville. The situation that looked very bad in slow motion. However, I think Romeu has reduced speed when on the ball. I think this is just a play casually and not enough to form a red card ".

Controversy still continues but there is one thing that many fans bitter MU. That is the main Romeu player to leave the field to replace Obafemi. This player was the one who scored the equalizer for Southampton 90 + 6 minutes. If Romeu expelled from the MU 41 minutes can have different outcomes.