Son Heung Min is undergoing an extremely successful season with Tottenham on a personal form. The Korean star has 11 phases in the Premier League after 14 matches and 14 goals on all arenas.

Son Heung Min broke Stoke grid in the League Cup quarter-finals

However, Son Son had a goal for Spurs if it was not controversial in the last League Cup quarter-finals. Before Stoke, Son Heung Min pointed into the field from the bench. He contributed at the beginning of the second half, replacing Gareth Bale.

By minute 76, Son Heung Min made a stoke grid. Get the ball from Harry Kane, a fast speed lipstick to have a chance to face goalkeeper Lonergan. The Korean star made a delicate ball tire, but as soon as the Son had just launched the home team, the arbitration of the offsimes caught offside, despite the reaction handle of the number 7 side Tottenham.

This match takes place on Stoke's yard, the team is playing in the first grade. Therefore, it does not apply var. More unfortunately, when this could be the 100th goal of Son Heung Min in Tottenham's shirt. He had 99 tables in the previous 250 matches.

Son Heung Min was stripped of a goal of 100 for Tottenham, Korean newspaper regret
Son's goal is not recognized despite the objections of this player (Photo source: Internet)

Son's goal is not recognized despite the opposition of this player

The goal is not recognized in a fierce debate from all parties. The video recorded after the match shows, it seems that Son has not been offside when he receives the ball, because it seems like this player only rushes when he stands on Danny Batth defender on the landlord.

After the match, Korean press proved uneasy with the referee's decision. The Chosun affirmed: "The referee's wrong decision made Son lost an important moment with Tottenham. Of course, then he will soon have it, but it's hard to believe in England, important matches Thus still don't have a var ".

Son Heung Min was stripped of a goal of 100 for Tottenham, Korean newspaper regret
Korean newspaper Chosun requires VAR for similar situation without recurrence (source: Internet)

The Korean Korean newspaper asked to have var so that the same situation did not recur

This Korean newspaper also led a lot of other British newspapers to believe that Son Heung Min was treated unfairly in this situation. Choon leads comments from BBC: "Son Heung Min's position and Stoke defender is not the same, he seems to stand on but the offside flag is still fluttering. It's unfortunately without var when we need ".

The Chosun agreed with coach Jose Mourinho, who spoke frankly about this situation: "I believe Son Heung Min's goal is valid and it will be recognized if there is var".