Song Heung Min is courting perform military service in the Korean hometown during pause Premiership because Covid-19. Striker born in 1992 will undergo training for 3 weeks from the date of 20/4 in Jeju Island. Photos of Son Heung-Min recently showed that this player had to cut crew-cut as prescribed by the military and look pretty fancy.

Son Heung-Min
The latest images of "soldiers" Son Heung-Min (Image Source: Internet)

The latest images of "soldiers" Son Heung-Min

As expected, the military lock Tottenham striker will end on 10/5 and Son Heung-Min will soon return to the UK. Currently, the club in the Premier League is back in training preparing for the day of the tournament continues.

However, the Daily Mail reported, Son Heung-Min will not be able to train with teammates at Tottenham immediately. The British government has decided to tighten the immigration issue, and all those coming from abroad will be quarantined for 14 days, no exceptions.

This means that South Korea striker will have the third time have to quarantine two weeks from the start of the pandemic Covid-19. Son Heung-Min was first isolated in early March when returning to England from South Korea after arm surgery. By late March, the player returned to Korea to prepare military obligations and also have to isolating two weeks.

Son Heung-Min
The total number of days to manually isolate Son Heung-Min can be up to ... 42 days (Image Source: Internet)

The total number of days to manually isolate Son Heung-Min can be up to ... 42 days

If the British government remained above the new rules until Son Heung-Min returned to Britain in early May, the 27 years old striker will have a total of 42 days isolation, most of the well-known players. This is the price we pay for constantly moving between Korea and the UK during epidemics.

Unknown exactly when Son Heung-Min returned to England but Mourinho certainly hope as soon as possible. The quarantined another 14 days that the striker will miss most of the rehearsals and the whole team. That's what the Portuguese master is not wanted in the context of Harry Kane was injured.

"The Special One" is looking forward to turn things around when the Premiership expected return (8/6). Season again only 9 rounds is finished while Tottenham are ranked 8th and poor for European group to 6 points. This is the consequence of losing their consecutive draw and the absence of key striker before the league phase to suspended because Covid-19.