Son Heung-Min tectonics, South Korea beat Qatar

Not long ago, South Korean football was shaken by the news phen national team this country has become "epidemic" Covid-19. Specifically, 8 members (including 6 players) of team received positive results with Covid-19 in the time available in Austria prepare for a friendly against Mexico 2 and Qatar.

Son Heung-Min Tottenham rescue from the
Son Heung-Min negative Covid-19 and certainly contribute in War Tottenham - Man City (Image Source: Internet)

Son Heung Min negotiated with Covid-19 and certainly contributed to Tottenham - Man City

Information on making Tottenham are worried for Son Heung-Min. 28 year-old superstar to temporarily quarantined pending test results because contact with one of the players Covid-19 infection. If you get a positive result, he certainly quarantined for 14 days before being tested again.

This means, superstar, 28, will miss the great battle between Tottenham and Manchester City, take place within the framework 0h30 Day 21/11 Premier League Round 9.

However page Chosun (Korea) and the Evening Standard (UK) revealed, Son Heung-Min got negative results, removed isolation to return to England. Even superstar 28 years old can make great battle field with Manchester City. According to the Evening Standard, just two hours after the match between South Korea and Qatar, on 17/11, Tottenham hired Son Heung-Min put special leave "outbreak" back to Britain.

Son Heung Min's presence is an extremely positive signal with Tottenham in the context, the 28-year-old striker is achieving a high level (8 goals, two buildings in the Premier League). In the friendly match between Korea and Qatar, he also contributed 1 assertion to help his hometown win 2-1.

Earlier, coach Jose Mourinho confirmed that the Matt Doherty Pillar Defender was positive for Covid-19 when he focused on the Ireland Republic. He had an actor hugged Gareth Bale teammates, but at the recent check, Bale gave negative results to Covid-19.