Eve of the war between Manchester United and Tottenham, the British media as well as fans, "Red Devils"'d have expected that the Son Heung-Min can not play. Because all the information that the broadcast showed Tottenham, Korean star who is injured.

Son Heung-Min scored the injury was
Son Heung-Min and Tottenham played repeatedly attacks against United (Image Source: Internet)

Son Heung-Min and Tottenham played several times before MU moves

In the past period, Son Heung-Min extreme style. Before stepping out at Old Trafford, 7 Tottenham have scored 4 goals and 2 assists to the just 2 games. Son showed tremendous fit their style of play that Jose Mourinho built for the "Spurs". Therefore, MU even more afraid that Harry Kane Son.

Son Heung-Min in fact have an injury. He hurt a hamstring in the 1-1 draw at Newcastle 3 Premier League. Korean players absent in 2 matches of Tottenham when confronted Chelsea in the League Cup and Maccabi Haifa in Europa League framework.

But according to sources of the Daily Mail, Son not so severe trauma, and in fact this player was relatively intact. Only thing, to make MU coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær and Son Heung-Min believes that injury and could not play at Old Trafford, "The Special One" must use "hard protuberance".

Before the game against Manchester United, Mourinho said Son Heung-Min need half a month to support trade, and can only be returned after convening national side. Sheet Goal quoted military rulers Portuguese: "Expected Son Heung-Min will return after the focus for the national team. I hope the coach of the team understand the situation and protect the players Tottenham really good ".

Son Heung-Min scored the injury was
(Image Source: Internet)
Son Heung-Min scored the injury was
Son Heung-Min luminous, engulfed MU (Image Source: Internet)

Son Heung-Min luminous, engulfed MU

And that is enough to Ole Gunnar Solskjær trap. MU has no plans to prepare for the presence of the Son Heung-Min. Eric Bailly, Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Nemanja Matic and the MU defense system to the Son too much space. "Reds" still play a color, the way they did during the period was over.

So is more than enough to Son Heung-Min came out to Old Trafford, Manchester red half engulfed by his turn of pace. Son just spaces, as broad as possible, because it is the premise for the Korean star who "take off". Son Whoscoed page dot 9.4 points, on par with Harry Kane though he left the field 73 minutes longer end of the game Kane stone.

Mourinho has cheated colleagues Solskjaer a top shell

In the 2 goals that Son Heung-Min De Gea created before, defenders are not in enclosed MU good enough. They are speed, the ability to move in space area of ​​Son defeated. In an uplifting day, Son is even more one way is to create more for Harry Kane.

Son Heung-Min shine, dark Tottenham MU wins, the more fans the possibility to create "black magic" Jose Mourinho's successor in the upper class.