Son Heung-Min are playing increasingly in color sublimation Tottenham shirt. South Korean striker entire holding individual honors awarded by the club last season and continued to shine in these first round of the Premier League.

Son Heung-Min scored in Tottenham's terrible: There are going to receive the highest salary Premier League not?
Son Heung-Min shine in Premier League (Image Source: Internet)

Son Heung-Min shine in Premier League

After the first five rounds, Son Heung-Min and Calvert Lewin (Everton) is the "scorer" in the Premier League with 7 goals. No. 7 Tottenham have a poker goal (scored 4 goals) through Southampton, contributed 2 goals in 6-1 victory against Manchester United match and one mixed up through West Ham in the last round. In addition, there are 2 Son Heung-Min is generated in the Premier League.

Thus, the Korean striker who had scored average achievement or create 1.8 times / match Premier League. This figure is desirable for any player who played in the tournament was named the planet's toughest.

But its high brightness of Son Heung-Min forcing Tottenham board ... worried by mutual agreement only 2 years when this season ends. Currently, the Korean striker is valued 67.5 million pounds (on Transfermarkt) and may increase further in the coming period. However, that did not deter the attention of the big guns for the 7 Tottenham.

Son Heung-Min performed admirably chairman Daniel Levy to make ... all worried

Remember, Son Heung-Min not only delivers value on the pitch. According to the latest statistics, the number of Tottenham fans in Korea surpassed MU and possibly the Asian region in the near future thanks to the presence of striker born in 1992. This is the land of "fertile" which all the big guns in Europe want is to increase the reputation of the club as well as market share.

To avoid being pushed into the passive where to sit at the negotiating table, Daniel Levy, Tottenham chairman planned to retain Korean striker. According to the Telegraph of him, "rooster" is in negotiations to extend the contract with Son Heung-Min with new salary.

Current number of years and the amount of wages in the draft contract has not been revealed, but almost certainly will not be less than £ 150,000 / week. Song Heung Min's salary £ 110,000 / week at Tottenham.

This move of Daniel Levy showed British boss of Tottenham was afraid to appear "Eriksen Monday". The Danish midfielder was one of the most expensive players of the club, but Tottenham had to sell quickly because the player does not want to renew the contract the two sides is only 1 year.

However, if the new salary is received £ 150,000 / week, though very high with one Asian player, but also Son Heung-Min can not reach the highest salary top star in the Premier League. This salary of only Son as "promiscuous" than other superstars. The top 10 highest paid player of the Premier League, according to The Sun, the salary will range from £ 220,000 / week. This is the highest at Aubameyang at £ 350,000 / week extra charge at Arsenal.

Son Heung-Min scored in Tottenham's terrible: There are going to receive the highest salary Premier League not?
Top 10 highest paid star Premier League (Source: The Sun) (Image Source: Internet)

Top 10 highest paid star Premier League (Source: The Sun)