33 minutes in the Battle of Liverpool - Tottenham, when the score was 1-0 temporarily tilted to the home team, Son Heung Min had a phase of escaping to pick up the road of Giovani Lo Celso and finish in the exact narrow corner to defeat Alisson Becker, equalize 1-1 for the visitors.

Son Heung Min scored controversial goals, Korean newspaper indicated the truth
Williams's heel seemed to be above against Son Heung Min (Photo: Internet)

Williams's heel seemed to be above against Son Heung Min's legs

After the match, coach Jurgen Klopp said: "Son has scored in the offside". In fact, the main arbitration consulted Var but still acknowledged his goal for lipstick.

Var had a "relatively superficial" test phase, as many Liverpool fans complained on social networks. They only use a line and decide quickly. Should know, in many matches in the British Premier League, Var uses a series of lines, dividing the yard into many different cells to determine the offside situation. But this does not happen in Son's goal.

Talk Sport said Var had 6 times disadvantaged Liverpool in the Premier League 2020/21. In the 20 teams, Liverpool is most haunting from Var.

Sharing about the validity of the ball, many British football experts agree with the decision of the referee. Rob Harris, AP's sports tree, said: "In this situation, the horizontal line is drawn by William's farthest position on Liverpool side. Son in the back of William's left leg, so offside. No need to add 3D drawing to clearly identify ".

Meanwhile, Korean newspaper Chosun also spoke strongly to protect the goal for Son Heung Min. This report leads the source from the British Arbitration Council report (PGMOL), affirming Son Heung Min has not been caught in this situation.

"Son Heung Min's goal in the match against Liverpool needs Var to check. The result shows that the left foot of the defender on the Liverpool side is Williams slightly moving up. Son Heung Min was therefore still behind Williams when the ball was passed, "Pgmol's report is clearly written.

This is Son Heung Min's 11th ministry for Tottenham in the Premier League 2020/21. According to Tottenham Hotspur homepage, the Korean striker has scored 99 goals in every arena for "roosters" in 5 seasons.

Even so, this goal cannot help Tottenham get at least 1 point at Anfield. Striker's heading of striker Roberto Firmino The last minute helps "The Kop" to win the full 3 points. With this result, Tottenham is reclaimed by the opponent itself, with 3 points more.