Looking back four impressive goal of Son Heung-Min through Southampton:

Son Heung-Min has superior performances in round 2 Premiership. Korean striker became the 28th player in league history to score four goals in a match. Remember, Southampton nor easy to play but some rivals Tottenham 7 made a play "unstoppable".

Son Heung-Min receive how much salary at Tottenham, worth every cent Mourinho?
Son Heung-Min aglow with 4 goals against Southampton (Image Source: Internet)

Son Heung-Min aglow with 4 goals against Southampton

Also need to add that Son Heung-Min and Harry Kane increasingly coordinating food ideas and sweet "like sugar and milk." The England striker is the author of four tectonic phases help Son merits. This is a signal that could not be happier with Jose Mourinho when he was about to pick up reinforcements terrorist named Gareth Bale.

Many competitors had started to plan attacks allelo 3 nose just fast, smart medium has good technical foundation of Tottenham in the coming period. Tottenham fans are also eagerly waiting for the trio Bale - Kane - Lip same battle. It is also three players are the highest paid in the London team.

Gareth Bale will receive £ 300,000 / week from Totttenham (the other half is due to Real Madrid paid), while Harry Kane are getting salary £ 200,000 / week (equal to Ndombele) while Son Heung-Min receive £ 140,000 / week.

Since Mourinho took over the team, striker Koreans increasingly proved their value. At one point Harry Kane long-term injuries and Son Heung-Min took over the dominant position very well in attack. Typically scored twice against Aston Villa (16/02/2020) to help Tottenham successful retrograde right on the opponent's field.

Mourinho is take advantage of the ability of the Son Heung-Min

Not only knows scored, Son Heung-Min also many times to help the team last season with incorporation 10 is created. In total, the Korean striker has 21 times the contribution stamp on shoe Tottenham goal after 30 Premiership matches.

Pochettino Song Heung Min's used quite well but Mourinho is the one who is making the most of the striker's ability to Korea. No. 7 Tottenham suite master gameplay that the Portuguese are building. Thanks to vigorous physical platform and fighting spirit our best, like Son Heung-Min extreme counterattack at high speed and that is what Mourinho wants to see in this player.

Could see striker Koreans are going to be very favorable and likely Son Heung-Min will continue to "fly" in the coming time especially when Mourinho was in office. 1992 born striker joined Tottenham from Bayer Leverkusen in 2015 for 30 million euros.