Looking back four impressive goal of Son Heung-Min through Southampton:

Tottenham had the match in round 2 explosion 2020/21 English Premier League by thrashing Southampton 5-2. This victory imprinted striker Son Heung-Min Korea with four tables, which rise to the top list of "top scorer" (by Dominic Calvert-Lewin Everton).

Son Heung-Min - Kane set a record unmatched, best Premiership half decades
Son Heung-Min and Harry Kane is "Twins" Best Premiership last 5 years (Image Source: Internet)

Son Heung-Min and Harry Kane is "Twins" Best Premiership last 5 years

More interesting, the author all 4 phases to Son Heung-Min tectonic setting of the Harry Kane. Instead public role as usual, England striker playing deeper, even the precise long pass midfield like a "genuine".

According to statistics, this is the first time in the Premier League era, a player has four phases to constitute the table for the same team goals.

In addition to 4 tectonics to Son Heung-Min scored, Kane also 1-phase set in 82 minutes and became the first player contributed to the 5 goals / match in the Premiership since January 3/2018 (after Mohamed Salah , Liverpool 5-0 Watford).

Ability goalscorer, the food ideas between Son Heung-Min and Harry Kane is always the key to victory for Tottenham. In the game against Southampton, Kane even need observers can still pass the ball to the correct position of the Son Heung-Min. Calculated from 2015, the duo has brought together 24 goals for Tottenham, more than any pair of "Twins" yet at the same time in the Premiership.

Last season, besides fluctuations in the bench, the Son Heung-Min and Kane turns injury that Tottenham do not achieve as standard. Now, when this duo healthy, Jose Mourinho totally confident enough to include "rooster" reach higher positions, not to mention the quality signings was added as Sergio Reguilon, Gareth Bale.

Son Heung-Min best match, Mourinho "demanding" justice for Kane

With achievements scored 4 goals, Son Heung-Min has been voted "the best players battle". However in an interview between Korean striker with BBC, Jose Mourinho was suddenly interrupted and declared half jokingly: "Harry Kane was the best player battles." The same scenario repeated in later interviews of Harry Kane.

Mourinho "demanding" justice for his role Harry Kane pet

However, Son Heung-Min also concurred with the views of his master: "Yes, I am also going to say that. Harry Kane deserves the best player battles. During 6 years closely, we close both inside and outside lawn and understand each other too well. Although not perfect, we're still practicing our best to link between both even stronger than ".